If you’re exploring the possibilities of a vape pen for CBD oils, it’s important to understand just what exactly what features you need to look out for. There are currently thousands of different vape pen models out in the market, with varying features, and not all of them are actually important except for those who have really become particular with their vape pens. Vape pen newbies, on the other hand, should focus on features that provide real benefits.
Here are some things new vapers should look for.

Size and weight A smaller, discreet size and lighter weight is always a plus, as it can encourage you to carry around and use your vape pen more. Smaller pens also call less attention to users in social settings and this might be something worth investigating if that’s important it to you. However, smaller pens often have to make some sacrifices in their battery capacity or the price tag.

Battery capacity As with phones, larger battery capacities tend to be better, as they make charging sessions less frequent larger battery capacities often mean you can use your pen whenever you want it, and you don’t risk not having a dead vape pen when you need it the most.

Can be used while charging Not all pens can be used while charging. For many users, this feature can be important. However, in the context of medical cannabis where usage is usually only a few times a day, this feature may be far less important. In the end, it all depends on your specific lifestyle and vaping preferences.

Flavor options If flavors are important to you, you might want to pick a model that offers a wider range of flavor options. Not all vape pens have the same range of flavors available, so it might be important to ask your vape pen dealer what’s available for the pen models you’re interested in. 

Vapor temperature A lot of vapers appreciate having warmer vapor, especially those transitioning from smoking tobacco or cannabis. A colder vapor may not be satisfying for many people and lead to them abandoning the use of vape pens altogether in favor of smoking. Thankfully, vape pens today generally have some way to change temperatures to suit your liking, and there are models out there that do well at different vapor temperature preferences.

Price New vapers should generally get the best one that fits their budget. Cheaper pens have gone a long way in the past decade, but generally speaking, you will tend to get a better, more consistent, not to mention safer experience using a better quality pen.

However, if it’s your first time, you shouldn’t really spend on the most expensive ones you can find, as you might not be 100% sure about what you’re looking for at this point. Instead, look for solid mid-priced recommendations and decide if you want a specific upgrade after a few months of vaping.

Return policy This one isn’t a feature specific to vape pens, but a crucial one nonetheless. Because there are so many vape pen models out there, it’s all too easy to get stuck with one that doesn’t match your needs. If you can find a dealer with a good return policy for the vape pens you’re looking for, that maximizes your chances of finding the best possible pen for your needs.