WealthFolio Planners

WealthFolio is committed to making a retirement plan that is individualized and unique to every client. There’s no streamlined financial plan here. Each client is met precisely where they are at and is given individualized attention so that their transition to retirement can be seamless, simple, and fulfilling.

Of course, all these promises sound great on paper, but any fee-only financial planner in Atlanta can make the same claims. So, what sets WealthFolio apart?

The advantages of working with a fee-only advisor are numerous, and the choice can impact your experience of planning for retirement. Fee-only advisors, in general, are focused on finding the most affordable and beneficial retirement plan for you, and WealthFolio is committed to raising the bar even higher.

WealthFolio has a six-step process to ensure that each client is cared for financially, regardless of their lifestyle or financial situation. It’s guaranteed that through these steps, your unique goals will be acknowledged and known so your retirement plan can reflect your goals and your lifestyle.

Unlike other companies, financial planners at WealthFolio take the time to get to know you, not just your financial situation. Our planners sit down with every client and learn about their lifestyles, what their financial goals are, what their income needs are, and what other objectives need to be considered to make a personalized, attainable retirement plan.

Having a fee-only financial planner in Atlanta means that your planner knows what it’s like to live in Atlanta. Rather than working with some remotely-based advisors, WealthFolio advisors are ready and available to meet in person with you to discuss your financial needs. Any changes you need to make to your retirement plan can be discussed face-to-face. Working with a remote advisor means phone calls that may not resolve your problems or dealing with someone who just doesn’t understand Atlanta's beauty and culture. Who wants to deal with timely phone calls about their financial goals when you can work with someone committed to knowing you?

Annual reviews are an absolute must for our planners and for you. Checking in annually ensures that your goals are met and your needs are fulfilled. Other companies set the plan in place and just let it go. Not here. WealthFolio knows that life happens, and sometimes unexpected circumstances prevent you from meeting the goals on paper. Frequent checkups on your financial well-being are just as crucial to WealthFolio as the initial retirement plan.

Here at WealthFolio, advisors are equipped and ready to meet you exactly where you’re at. WealthFolio is determined to help you fulfill your financial goals and ease into retirement hassle-free, from the initial planning steps all the way through to the end. Professional advisors are here to craft a unique retirement plan that reflects who you are, not just what your bank account or career says you are. What can be better than that?