Pet wellness trends can be more overwhelming that fitness trends and diet trends for humans. There are hundreds of new blogs and thousands of unique facts floating around about the use of CBD oil for the treatment of several ailments in dogs and cats. You can visit here to know what is best for our four-legged friends, but how effective is CBD treatment? Should we at all expose our canine and feline friends to cannabinoids? Will they provide the relief that traditional medicines cannot promise? We can see here in's report that CBD oil can control the anxiety of your pet.

CBD oil contains a high concentration of CBD or cannabidiol. It is a natural compound that comes from the essential oil glands of the cannabis plant. Even hemp plants produce these compounds, but you can only find CBD in their flowers, buds and leaves. Hemp seed has no CBD and therefore, has little to no therapeutic value. CBD oil does not contain any THC. So, if you don’t want to get your four-legged friend “high”, you should stick to pure CBD oil or broad spectrum CBD oil only. In Australia, the lion’s share of all CBD products come from the hemp plant. Therefore, finding any THC in the CBD oil for your pets is highly unlikely.

How does CBD act on dogs and cats?

According to Holistapet, all mammals have an endocannabinoid system that has cannabinoid receptors. When your dog or cat ingests the CBD formulation, the molecules bind to the specific receptors and begin eliciting their painkilling, anti-emetic, anxiolytic and carminative effects. Sadly, the research on the results of cannabis oil on dogs and cats is not as elaborate as we would like them to be. However, scientists assure us that due to certain similarities in our cell signalling pathways and metabolic functions, the reaction of CBD in our system is quite similar to that in the canine and feline system.

There are several conditions that CBD claims to treat in cats and dogs. Check out petslady to know more about it. Again, there is a lack of archived scientific data on the use of CBD to address the various afflictions of the feline and canine populations. According to the American Kennel Club, cannabis oil is popular among pet owners due to its cardio-protective nature, anti-nausea properties, anti-inflammatory properties, appetite stimulation powers, and anti-cancer actions. Apart from the management of physiological conditions, many pet owners address depressive and anxiety issues of their furry friends using regular CBD oil doses. The absolute lack of THC eliminates the risk of auditory and visual hallucinations, but the high CBD content can work to calm them and keep them in sound mental health.

What are the side effects of CBD on pets?

As per the updates from the Australian National Kennel Council, there might be minor side effects of CBD treatments. However, there are no significant contraindications that can harm the health of dogs or cats during or after cannabis oil treatment. Here are some of the side-effects you may see after administering a CBD dose –
  • Drowsiness – drowsiness can occur irrespective of the absence of THC. Owners, who aim to treat a dog or cat's anxiety with CBD often report improved sleep and calmness in their pets. CBD can soothe pain and relax both muscles and nerves. These are enough to stimulate high-quality rejuvenating sleep in almost every mammal. You may see an increase in drowsiness as you increase the dose. So be careful when you experiment with CBD oil doses in your dogs or cats.
  • Mouth dryness – CBD decreases the production of saliva in human beings, and scientists have observed something similar in the furry pooches too. Dogs can become excessively thirsty, and they can begin to drool more to compensate for their dry mouth. Be careful to keep your pets well-hydrated during their CBD treatment.
  • Low blood pressure – the ANKC warns all pet owners about lowering of blood pressure due to CBD treatment. The high concentration of cannabinoids in the blood can result in a temporary but sharp drop in blood pressure. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on your pets after administration, lest they feel light-headed and hurt themselves.

The risks of using cannabinoids or cannabis oil to treat animals are still in the grey area. Researchers don't have sufficient resources and sample groups to conduct their study. The number of scientific publications and new article or blog posts pointing a user in the right direction has increased substantially in number.

How to ensure that you are giving your pets the best quality CBD oil?

All users must remember that every medicine bears specific side effects. Minimizing the risks of side effects is the responsibility of the pet owner. You can take the following steps to ensure that you are doing your very best to provide your pet with the best-of-the-best treatment options 
  • Organic material – nothing can be better than organic cannabis oil. While CBD does not have to be natural, the highest level of bioactivity lies with the completely organic, non-GMO CBD oils only. Most importantly, organic products from reputed manufacturers in Australia are least likely to contain traces of fungicide, insecticide or chemical solvents.
  • Don’t judge by price – when shopping, don’t always judge by the price of a product. While the price of one brand may be significantly higher than another, you should only shop from brands you can trust. If you have used a product before and you know about its effectiveness for sure, then don’t compromise on quality for a few dollars.
  • Don't go for CBD dog or cat treats – you should not settle for dog and cat treats in place of CBD as oil, tincture or isolate. The level of CBD in the treats is challenging to determine, and you will never know if you are receiving your money's worth. Most importantly, it will be next to impossible to decide on the perfect dose for your pet. It is much better to purchase CBD oil or tincture and mix it with your pet's regular food.
CBD oil from cannabis and hemp can relieve pain, reduce swelling, reduce nausea, fight cancer, protect the heart and the nervous system, and it can do all of that without creating any hallucinatory effect. If your pet has been suffering from chronic ailments for a long time, you should consider all-natural CBD treatment for him or her.