business directories in Australia

In the technology-oriented world today, it is given that a business must have a strong hold on the internet. With the growing internet culture, for businesses to operate well they are required to have good internet control and availability on a continuous basis. Being there is not enough, you have to provide a professional front of your business with constant updates and be clear, accessible to the visitors at any time of the day.

Among all the tasks required for the business, creating and maintaining an online presence through a business directory is most underrated yet an essential task. Most people look for various SEO methods to increase their customers and availability to the customers. And, this is one of the most influential SEO ranking aspects. Your availability in the top online directories will automatically divert more customers and visibility to your desired customers.

The essential step towards this to look out for the suitable directories. The directories must hold enough authority and have real potential to provide you with the flow of customers you wish for your business. Here in the article, I have compiled the best possible business directories in Australia.

Basis of the listed top online business directories in Australia.

The directories are chosen on the basis of their Domain Authority score and have been updated to the present date to ensure the list consists of the best business directories in Australia. Domain Authority refers to the search engine ranking which how good a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). These scores are given out of 100 and how regularly numbering work, the higher refers to the higher ability to rank.

Understanding the list:

All the directories mentioned below are free local directories. The list also includes the information approximate monthly traffic along with the HTTPS. Both mentioned piece of information is very essential for knowing the authenticity of the directory.

The top 10 online business directories:

  1. Yelp: Its domain authority is 57 and the estimated monthly traffic is approximated to be above million. It is one of the most popular business directories in Australia. It utilizes features like google map searches, direct website and phone links to assist present your business to the desired customers.
  2. True Local: Its domain authority is 64 and the estimated monthly traffic is 2,000,000. This is a very popular directory among small business. It has always shown positive results with estimated huge traffic. For small businesses, it is indeed the best place for guaranteed outcomes.
  3. Yellow Pages (Sensis): Its domain authority is 54 and the estimated monthly traffic is 190,000. This platform holds one of the highest authorities among business directories in Australia. It caters a very wide range of visitors efficiently. It will include all the related information regarding and related to your business which will assist gather a wider audience to you.
  4. AussieWeb: Its domain authority is 32 and the estimated monthly traffic is 107,700. This is one of the oldest and finest business lists in Australia. Maps of your physical location and users rating list of a business are the features, it utilizes to gather visitors to your business and help in earning increased rankings with search engines.
  5. Pure Local: Its domain authority is 32 and the estimated monthly traffic is 4,100. It has proved to be good in platforms.
  6. Start Local: Its domain authority is 49 and the estimated monthly traffic is 164,700. This too caters small businesses and helps in classifying your business and include more useful details. It also has its own user review and blog feature.
  7. Local Search: Its domain authority is 51 and the estimated monthly traffic is approximately in thousands. This has been an exceptional option for the local online businesses in Australia that are in search of better positioning. This platform caters the needs of the service providers like parlors, salons, cafes, clubs, various agencies, plumbers, technicians etc. Along with business guidance, it also provides your website and other means of communication for better outcomes.
  8. Local Business Guide: Its domain authority is 37 and the estimated monthly traffic is 69,400. It permits you to add your offerings listing and gain user reviews like few other directories. It utilizes regional coverage which is beneficial for your business.
  9. Go Guide: Its domain authority is 28 and the estimated monthly traffic is 64,400. It helps in boosting visitors with multiple features. It offers paid and free add options, easy guidance to and about your business. It caters the needs of multiple industries and with a premium subscription, you can enjoy many more features too.
  10. Hot Frog Australia: Its domain authority is 51 and the estimated monthly traffic is 95,100. The enables a business to add a portfolio to it. This works wonders, as it allows many more visitors to your doorstep and helps them understand you better. It also allows you to add audio and video which are two of the most efficient and effective ways for adding transparency.

Guidance for listing:

With the best of business directories in Australia, you still need a little guidance for listing in any local business directories. You must start by looking for the most appropriate category of the directory, you must all keep track of what your competitors are doing. This could be of great help in multiple aspects. Along with the pictures, you must finish as much of the business listing as probable. The name, phone (NAP) and address you have incorporated must be same as the ones you mentioned on your website along with Google My Business listing.

If your business is present in multiple areas, then you must provide the most relevant location to link to the appropriate location page to your business’s website. As for the business description that you are required to mention, do not copy from the written description from your website. But, rewrite one and ensure to mention a unique description. The last tip for listing in a local business directory is that whether your business is small or big remember, to use a spreadsheet to maintain your activities in a more systematized manner.