Texas' Tech Industry

Austin, the capital of Texas, is also the technology hub of Texas. The technology industry in Texas has grown immensely. According to an industry report, Texas added almost 14,000 jobs in the year 2015, which has raised more over the years. If you have gained professional skills in the IT field, Texas has a large market for your expertise.

Texas is the second state, after California, with the most significant tech jobs available. This is according to a report done by the Computing Technology Industry Association. This report also shows that in the same year, these companies made up 6 percent of all private sector jobs in the state.
Texas as a tech hub
Tech companies, as well as other U.S hubs, are noticing the growth that is taking place in the state's tech scene. The significant players, Apple and Google, are some tech companies that set up shops here. They have opened large offices, which creates job opportunities for you if you are all about technology. Lower costs of doing business and living, as well as the smaller size of Texas' capital, are a few of the things that really attract people and companies to the state.

Office space is already scarce, as more offices are always coming up. Along with the big companies, start-ups are also getting offices downtown. This is a sign of the significant positive influence of this industry. There is a transient culture here. You will notice this when you find that most of your colleagues are looking forward to finishing their time at one tech company and providing their services to their next employer.

What drives the tech industry in Texas?

Dell, the famous computer company, is based in Austin, Texas. This has given it the honor of being the flagship firm and birthed a whole technology ecosystem in Texas. The annual SXSW tech conference and the University of Texas put Texas on the map regarding tech presence. This is because it attracts different technology experts and entrepreneurs from all over the world. This conference is also a music festival; it attracts stakeholders from the music industry who contribute a lot to the tech industry. Most work in the tech field as well.

The tech base in Texas has a strong foundation. That's because there's a chance to explore your creativity here. This, together with the strong foundation, is a potent combination. Another great thing about the state is that there is access to capital. The communities here are very open. The people are supportive and genuinely love helping each other out. Despite where you are from, you will feel welcome here.

There is a wide array of tech jobs in Texas that allow you to land yourself on one. These jobs range from IT specialists to JavaScript engineers and technicians. Therefore, if you have qualifications in any field in the tech industry, Texas would be a great place to