Call recorder

In the 21st century, technology has been upgraded continuously in every aspect. It puts an impact on call recorder also. In ancient time, call recorder is only in the form of a machine, as hardware. But now it is available as a software form also. As you can just install the call recording software for recording purpose, it will save time, space and manpower. Not only software, but call recording Applications are also introduced in the past few years. You just have to download the mobile call recording Apps and can easily record incoming and outgoing calls. A call recorder is a software or hardware or a mobile Application by which you can record the telephonic conversation and it will store the whole conversation in a digital audio format. Call recorder is very important for every professional office related call. By recording every call with the client, a manager can easily memorize the task given by the client and it will help him to monitor the employees under his guidance. But before buying a call recorder software, you need to know what are the exact features you required for your business purpose. Not every call recorder gives you the automatic call recording feature.

Legal matter of call recorder

As per the law, call recording is a legal matter if both caller and the receiver has consent about it. In some cases, it becomes mandatory to record a call and at that time a call recording software will record the conversation along with, store the whole call history. When you want to record some calls, just give the advance notice to the callers about the call recording process. By this process, you can easily take care of their privacy. In some other cases, you can record the third party’s call also, if they allow you to record their call. However, there are various call recording laws written in the constitution. If you follow those rules, call recording will not appear any problem in future.

Call recording software features

There is various software available in the market which you can start using after downloading the software on your desktop, laptop or MAC machine. Different call recording software provides different features of recording. The features are mentioned below.
  • Call recording software is suitable for home, business and call center call recording purpose.
  • Up to 64 phone lines call recording is possible by some of the recording software. Manual call recording is a common feature, but automatic call recording facility is available in some of the call recording software.
  • In the corporate sector, live phone monitoring can be done for quality control.
  • Signal processing is one of the latest features that is included in the call recording software. By this feature, the audio quality will be enhanced.
  • It can record VoIP phone calls also.
  • Another latest feature is voicemail sending facility by this software.
  • Call recording is possible for both inbound and outbound calls by some of the recording software.
  • Notification sending facility is one of the latest features which is available in only a few call recording software.