If you’re after a living internal space rather than a massive increase in storage, then a forward fold camper might be a better option for you.

Forward fold camper trailers are pop-up campers that can be easily folded and stored away for long-haul drives. They’re both exceptional easy and convenient, making them a popular option for campers across Australia.

Driving around, travelling on the countryside and stopping to camp at amazing destinations is extremely appealing, but often people dread the thought of unpacking and packing. Take the difficulty away and get yourself a camper trailer.

Read on to discover the benefits of a forward folding camper trailer.

Cost Effective

In comparison to other options, forward camper trailers are an inexpensive way to go. They are lightweight and affordable to tow, leading them to be one of the most budget-friendly models on the market. With a range of different trailer providers and manufactures out there, it’s possible to find a great deal on forward fold camper trailer.

Also, consider how you are saving money with a camper trailer. Think about how expensive it is staying in a night in a cabin, a bed and breakfast or a motel. The cost of parking in a campsite for the night is much less in comparison.

Comfort and Convenience

People often think that they are sacrificing comfort when they choose a forward fold camper trailer, this is far from the truth. As easy as they are to pop up and fold up, forward fold campers are also comfortable.

In fact, forward fold camper trailers are much more comfortable and practical alternative to tents, offering you a small kitchen, toilet and bed for you to enjoy during your travels.

Quick, Easy and Lightweight

Due to forward folding camping trailers lightweight nature, they are quick and easy to set up. In conjunction to them being so light, they’re also relatively easy to tow, meaning they are a good option for anyone that’s just starting out with camper trailers. They consume less petrol, adding the bonus of fuel efficiency for your travels.

They are perfect for anyone who has limited time or for those who just don’t enjoy setting up and packing down a tent; all they require is pulling up to a camping site and folding out the camper, then you’re done!

Efficient Set-Up

You enter the forward fold campers via a step but there’s less than a hike to get into bed, living room windows provide raised views over your favourite camp spot. You can convert the u-shape lounge will often convert to a bed, which makes them suitable for families and small crowds. There’s always storage under the sets, because we all love a quality storage solution.

They are compact in size. You can visit drive-thru restaurants, enter underground car parks, or even part them easily in your garage.

Forward folding camper trailers are amazing for travelling and holidays. With so many benefits you’d be crazy not to utilise the advantages of one on your next holiday.