Summer is here and it's time to update your sandal collection for the season! From chic slides to stylish flat sandals for women, you can browse online to find the perfect pair of sandals for any occasion. Comfort and style should go hand in hand when choosing sandals.

Our feet come in all different shapes and sizes, and knowing how to choose the suitable sandals that won’t give you irritating blisters will make your summer go much smoother.
First, let’s discuss whether sandals are good or bad for our feet.

Although they can often cause issues by not providing enough heel or arch support and cannot absorb shock, some sandals are healthy for your feet by reducing pressure and allowing them to breathe.

They are practical and easy to wear option that’s convenient for warmer weather.

Wide Feet

If your feet are wide, you must avoid sandals with a covered upper or side section. You won’t be able to press your foot on the sole which will cause pain.

Wide Feet

Our recommendation is finding sandals with ankle or back straps and toe posts to give you the best lift. check here 
We suggest the Faro Leather Toe Loop Flat sandals and the Japanese Tie sandal.

Narrow Feet

The best types of sandals for narrow feet are those with adjustable straps or buckles.

You can tighten them to grip the sole more strongly and relieve the pressure from your toes.

Narrow Feet
The Grecian Wrap sandals or the Betts Payback Footbed sandals would be a safe bet for narrow feet.

Sweaty Feet

If you struggle with having sweaty feet that make your sandals hard to walk in, opt for the most open ones you can find.

A pair that won’t conceal the top or side of your feet will keep them cool and stop them from sticking.

Sweaty Feet 
Stay away from strappy sandals, they can make your feet excessively sweat by keeping them fastened in one place.

A great option for sweaty feet is the Wide Fit Freefall sandals, these are also a good option for wide feet!

Sandals for Swelling

If you’re suffering from swollen feet, look for styles that provide ankle support and have flat soles.

Open sandals can maintain a cool breeze on your feet to regulate body temperature, making them an effective style for swelling.

Sandals for Swelling

The Human Premium Simone sandals may be a good choice.

Feet with Bunions

Try wearing sandals with back or ankle straps which can fit nicely around the foot without affecting the bunion.

Feet with Bunions 
Another recommendation is finding sandals with little covering for more breathability for your feet.

The Spurr Taylor sandals are an affordable and comfortable option for feet with bunions!

Plantar Fasciitis and Arch Support

Plantar Fasciitis is an inflammation of the thick, strong tissue that runs along the heel of the foot.

It creates the arch of the foot by connecting the heel bone to the toes.

If you suffer from this problem, your best bet is to find sandals with a foot strap that can keep your foot snug and a deep heel cup to maintain motion stability.

Insoles are also a good way to provide arch support for your feet.

You can find sandals with built-in arches to keep your feet in place and relieve arch pain.

Some comfortable options for Plantar Fasciitis are the Crisp Black sandals and for a more stylish option, the Teva Original Universal sandals.

Flat Feet

This postural deformity means that a foot has no arches, making it come in contact with or close contact with the ground.

If you have flat feet, you will need to find sandals with arch support, similar to Plantar Fasciitis.

This is because a solid arch will create elasticity between your toes and heels which will help distribute your weight evenly.

The sandals we recommended for Plantar Fasciitis are also ideal for those with flat feet!