More Productive Employees

Creating and maintaining a healthy and positive working environment to keep the positivity and productivity of all the employees at its best

Since this is a widely known fact that the environment creates a deep impact on the lives of every individuals and that is how, the general awareness of creating a good and positive environment has been practised as a conscious effort amongst everyone from quite a long time. 

The ambience of any business – small or large is a key rating area by its consumers to express their feedback about the experience they had there. So, it can be easily understood, that a great environment should be created at every modern day workplace to get the best result out of the business. Do you want to know how? Please read on.

Why is it so important?

Before you plunge into the procedure, you should be convinced enough with your reasons for doing it. Otherwise, the purpose of the entire idea will land up nowhere. So, in order to create and maintain a healthy and positive work environment you should know, why is it so important?

Mind determines happiness

The mind is the kingpin that works primarily as the reason for a successful or unsuccessful day. So, to create the right mindset that stretches the boundary of your happiness from the compound of your home to the workplace is very important. 

Though there are several factors behind the happiness of different individuals if some common factors such as look and feel of the office, the bright interiors, a breakthrough corner with some good reads can help the employees feel at home. This feel-good factor will help them keep their motivation up to put their best efforts into the individual projects as well as a part of a bigger team. Once this equation amongst all the employees is attained, the accumulative best performance will be no farther.

How to attain that stage?

If you are going to start a new set up with an enthusiastic and already charged up team, then your job is not that difficult to set the magic rules to happiness and positivity leading by example. But if you have an existing team whose positivity and motivation has not been up to the mark you had thought of before starting, you wouldn’t need to do an uphill task but a little internal change in the very existing setup. The areas you can incorporate the changes are:

Investment in improving the physical workplace

Have you ever thought that in the closed surroundings of your office every day a number of employees are working for 8-10 hours on an average? All of them commute to the office in local transports in the hot and humid summer? Body odour, especially in southeast Asian countries is very common for their widely humid climate. Moreover, in most cases, the entire air circulation in a closed office atmosphere gets barely unhealthy for the lack of free-flowing fresh air from nature. 

So, the artificial centralized air conditioning often lands up with damp smelling air circulation around the office space. Such a sensitive thing can also be the mood turner for many. Moreover, if the maintenance department invests into those cheap medicated phenyl bottles, then the camouflaged smell can be even more deadly to turn you off for the whole day, right at the moment you enter the office. 

A subtle yet refreshing air freshener for office can be used instead, the soothing and mellow aroma can change the smell of the air around you for the whole day. The mere change of an air freshener can improve the office ambience.

The colours of the work stations

Have you ever walked down a pediatrician’s chamber with dark grey walls? Or can you imagine a motor service station having milky white walls? According to the work pattern of your organization, carefully choose the colours of the wall paints and the work stations. Ensure to put up wallpapers or appropriate wall paintings or motivational quotes to enhance the feel-good factor of the work stations. 

Pay attention to the physical relax session part and colour scheme while choosing the designs of the furnishings such as chairs, desks, and sofas.

Incorporate a breakthrough corner

If you really want your employees to feel at home while being in the office, secure a corner of the office for them to take a break. You can think of any creative yet catchy name for this corner yet put up a fun message such as “a corner meant for a break” to keep your passive control over the undue advantages. 

You can equip this corner with some books or journals relevant to your business along with a coffee dispenser and a treadmill. These equipment are the tools to make anyone and everyone feels very much at a comfort zone even when at work. The study of the relevant journals would elevate the business awareness of the employees while walking a few steps on a treadmill will enhance employee engagement and productivity.

Work – home away from home

Most importantly, to make all the above tools work in the right way to fetch you the best results, you will have to create an air of easy flowing communication amongst each level. The clarity of communication along with all the above tools with unbiased appreciation, even on the smallest of achievements will be creating that one strong team for you.

To keep up the motivation of such a balanced and well-managed team can make the most absurd achievements possible with whole-hearted support from one and all. Thus, an alert and efficient leadership, along with the few small tools are the main secrets behind the most successful companies around the world and yours too can be one of them very soon, by the meticulous observance of these productivity tips.