Digital Transformation
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In the present time, everything can be found on the Internet. Everyone knows how the digital world operates, and even companies are starting to adapt to digital changes and digital transformation. A digital transformation company would always want to come up with new and innovative ways to reach peak digital maturity. Not only can this help companies, but it could also make human lives more comfortable. Various things or conveniences are now made more accessible through online or digital, and your favorite products and services can be reached with just a single tap on your device.

Life before the Internet or digital transformation seem so complex. Now that almost everything is within your reach, life is made easier. In this article are different ways on how the introduction and adoption of digital transformation have changed an individual’s everyday life.


Before, employment processes were a total hassle. People had to physically be at the company office just to pass an application form. Now, employment processes are made simpler because of digital transformation.

Most companies nowadays have adopted a digital transformation tool or trend which helps them review and assess candidates for a job opening. For example, you want to apply as a flight attendant in an airline. This particular airline has a common platform where you can sign up, send an application, and wait for a notification or confirmation about your employment process. Most companies do this to track potential employees easier.

Not only that but, through digital transformation, there is less work unproductivity and inefficiency. Of course, on most days you still have to be physically present, but on days you can’t, a lot of digital transformation tools are readily available for you to utilize so you can still proceed with your tasks. Can’t be physically present for a meeting? Then Skype, Facetime, or Facebook Messenger is the answer!


Shopping is also made easier and more accessible through the digital world. Now, you don’t have to visit your local shopping mall just to purchase clothes, appliances, shoes, bags, anything! With just one click, you can instantly add things to your cart, proceed to checkout and wait for the items to arrive right at your doorstep. Location is no longer a problem because there are hundreds and thousands of options to choose from online. To add to that, gift cards, scan or barcodes are now available. Which means you can now start paying for things through any of your devices.

Aside from all that, you can also customize your profile on shopping apps, which means consumers have access to your information. This is a plus because, through this, they can send you emails and suggestions about new arrivals, the latest trends, etc.


Flashback to the good, old days when your parents would take you to video stores to rent VHS films, CDs, and DVDs so you can watch your favorite movies at home. Well, those were good memories, but time has passed and everything changes. Now, with just one click, you can watch movies and TV series online in the comforts of your home.

You don’t have to go out and look for video stores anymore because video and entertainment companies like YouTube and Netflix are within your reach. Through these applications, you’re directed to endless movies, documentaries, and TV series to choose from. You wouldn’t even know where to start! Not only that, but music is also very accessible through apps like Spotify. You don’t even have to stock up on CDs anymore! Entertainment is more convenient and readily available for you, your friends, and your family.


Basically, human connection and communication are now more convenient than before. No more telephone wires and letters in the form of snail mail or telegram. Communication has slowly evolved from chat rooms to forums, to private messaging, to wireless voice call, to real-time face to face video calls. Today, you can reach and connect with people anytime and anywhere you want.


Traveling is now made more convenient, thanks to digital transformation. Now, you can book your flights, hotel rooms, and other travel activities online through different apps. Aside from that, you can now also view flight details. Are you worried about a relative flying to a different country for the first time? You can download flight tracker apps and see for yourself the flight’s details like its ETA at the destination.

Wrapping Up

So, how has technology or digital transformation helped you or changed the way you live? As for most people, digital transformation brings more useful, positive impacts rather than negative ones. Studies show that by 2050, all of human lives will start depending solely on technology and the digital world will be the greatest of all time by then. Why wait for 2050 if you can start progressing towards greatness now?

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