Eating Vegetables

The vitality of vegetables in maintaining a balance in the human immune system isn't unknown. Vegetables act more like the fuel house for even the most basic operations of the system. However, not everyone is fond of the taste of veggies, and for others, it can get monotonous to eat the same vegetables, the same way every day. That brings the need to keep experimenting according to your taste buds, to make vegetables desirable in the everyday palate.

Get creative with your vegetables

It is not necessary that you need to stick to the traditional recipes that were handed down generation after generation to ensure the right quantity of vegetable intake. Vegetables like zucchini or squash can be used to replace the regular flour-based lasagna or even noodles. 

Not only are these healthy sources of vitamins B, C, and fibers but also absorb very less fat making it an overall healthy alternative. You can go for a spiralizer to make your sweet potato or carrot noodles for a healthy yet tasty weekend brunch. 

Opt for vegetable soups

This food item has been in the charts for a while and doesn't seem going out of fashion anytime soon. Soups can be extremely elemental in helping you culminate multiple varieties of vegetables together without requiring many thoughts. 

Moreover, there would be barely anything that needs as fewer efforts to cook than a bowl of soothing goodness. You can randomly add whatever vegetables you can lay your hands on, puree them, add your spices of choice and a dash of cream or any fancy dressing if at all.

Increase the vegetable quotient in casseroles

In most households, casseroles are a favorite dish, including cooked chunks of meat and veggies. Commonly, these items majors in generous amounts of potatoes, cheese, and rice which make it a source of simple carbohydrates and saturated calories. However, you can switch to a healthier version by trading a portion of meat and cheese for broccoli, mushrooms or roasted onions. 

Because of the reputation that casseroles have set across the globe, it is one of the most ordered items in restaurants as well. So, in case you're running short on time or are eating out, can no doubt top your list of options to order a fulfilling and delicious casserole.

Switch to a veggie patty in burgers

Grated vegetables such as sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower combined with eggs and portions of cheese can work as an outstanding alternative to regular burger patties. You can also use ground chickpeas or kidney beans for the patty and rest assured about the protein intake in your diet. Need some interesting homemade veggies, best zoodle maker can make veggies interesting for sure!

These vegetables have super high quantities of vitamins A, C, folate and healthy ratios of micronutrients such as potassium making them excellent antioxidants. Veggie patties are also a better source of healthy roughage and absorb lesser quantities of fat, making them easier to cook as well as digest.

Go carbless on the pizza crust

You'll rarely come across someone who doesn't like to devour a stretchy slice of pizza. This food item accounts for one of the most eaten fast foods but unfortunately, pizza consists of a huge portion of refined carbohydrates and calories. This makes the dish devoid of sufficient nutrients and fibers, however, there's always a solution.

You can easily replace your white flour pizza base with ground cauliflower combined with beaten eggs and a portion of almond flour, making it carbs-free and thus a healthier alternative. Cauliflower helps maintain your weight and improves the working of the bowel system. 

Nothing can beat the cosmic combination of macro and micronutrients along with plenty of antioxidants, minerals, roughage, and water ratio that is crucial for the smooth functioning of the body.