Weddings, with the passage of time, have become more swanky, bigger, and sometimes, larger than life. Couples are splurging money more than ever to do whatever it takes to make their wedding buzz-worthy or better say social-media worthy.

However, on the other hand, there is also a great chunk of couples who still dream for the traditional and low-key wedding ceremony. Due to limited insight and knowledge of hosting traditional weddings, many couples find themselves in a perplexing state when it comes to hosting their own traditional style of wedding.

The best and perhaps the most budget-friendly way to create an ultimate traditional wedding is to hire proficient wedding planners in Ghaziabad. They have noteworthy experience and resources of creating a scintillating and boisterous traditional wedding that you covets for. In addition to that, check Boutique Wedding Directory we have also created an all-inclusive guide on how to organize an ultimate traditional wedding that you have been dreaming for a long time. Here are the tips.

1. It's All Starts With Selecting a Traditional Theme

Traditional Theme

When we talk about traditional style wedding, what does it actually mean? The gist of a traditional wedding is it should reflect your culture, values, and integrity which your ancestors have developed over the years.

The traditional wedding is all about inculcating the traditions from both cultures with giving consideration to the theme as well. Some of the most fabled traditional wedding themes are vintage, rustic, European, Victorian, beach, glamorous, Vineyard, and boho. Pick any theme that goes well with your vision of the traditional wedding and incorporates it with the help of wedding planners.

2. Develop a Crystal Clear Vision

Nothing great and marvellous has ever been created or achieved without a strong and crystal clear vision. How can you convert the potentiality of an idea into actuality without knowing what you want?

If you want to create an attention-grabbing and utterly extraordinary traditional weddings, you should merge your vision with the traditional aspects to create a celebration worth remembering tillages. Traditional weddings are not less than an extravaganza because of gargantuan guest lists and a myriad of close members who make the function more frolic.

3. Venue

The best part of the traditional wedding is, you can host it at indoor as well as outdoor venues with white chairs covers. However, in traditional weddings, the major emphasis is on values, culture, and heritage. This is the reason most of the traditional weddings are hosted majorly at religious venues.
Also, the person who commences the wedding often belongs to a particular culture. For example, a Hindu wedding is officiated by the Hindu priest, and so is the case with other religions. Traditional weddings ceremonies are completely filled with rituals and practices, and that totally depends on the cultures of the bride and the groom.

4. Invitations

After locking the wedding date, the principal task for couples is carving a heart-touching invitation. Couples who choose to have a traditional wedding must go for traditional wedding invitation to invite their guests. 
To give your traditional wedding a perfect touch, your invitation must include the key traditional elements like ribbons, lace, letterpress, and alluring fonts that render a fine detailing to your invitations.

5. Decoration

Vines of the Yarra Valley - Wedding Reception & Function Venue suggests that when it comes to decoration for the traditional wedding, the major emphasis is on low-key decor items like garlands, vintage lights and other rustic elements that provide a clean and swanky look to the wedding.


In some traditional weddings, you will find a lot of glittering elements, but that too resonates with the theme of the event. No extra money is wasted on roping in unwanted decor stuff to append the additional detailing.

These pro tips will help you immensely in hosting a dream traditional wedding that resonate with your culture and values.