Generator Accessories

Generator accessories add more functionality to the generator. If you have bought a unit that is transfer switch ready, you can buy the right transfer switch for it to automate the switching over process from grid power to generator power. 

Most generators are not designed for use above an altitude of 2000 meters. Those who like to camp at high altitudes can benefit from a carburetor kit that is designed to be used at such altitudes. People who live in extremely cold climates also need accessories for their generator. Their generators do not start well due to the freezing cold. Without a cold weather kit, it is tough to run the unit. Buying generator accessories is easy online. 

You need to know the make and model of your generator and then get the accessories you need after consulting with the online shop. Most online dealers have a chat facility that allows users to get the advice they need to buy the right accessories for their generators online.

Most of the equipment sold on the market is not sound attenuated. Users look to dampen sound to keep it quiet for the neighbors. The diesel generators make noise as the engine parts rattle. The fan can also make a noise as it works. Before getting a muffler to dampen sound it is good to learn more about the way the sound waves travel, what is causing the noise, engine and how the generator cooling works. There are cooling fans in the generator that cool off the engine and also the generator itself. 

Many generator owners like to steer the sound away from the sound sensitive are. This is a quick and less costly way of dampening sound. It is good to point both the radiator and the exhaust to another direction. You can try building a wall to cut off the sound waves from a sound sensitive area. A 7-8 foot wall can dampen sound well but could create an echo which is easy to deal with. Use plywood that is weather resistant and is good for absorbing sound. If you are camping using the Styrofoam sheets to build a wall around the generator is not a bad idea. If you have access to straw bales they can work in a perfect manner. Just stack them up around the generator and make sure the flow of air is consistent. When the generator works it needs air. The hot air that is generated by the machine need not rotate back to it, as it will heat up. 

You can also get a silencer for your generator. It performs the same function for generator engines as the muffler does for automobile engines. Both works to dampen noise and reduce exhaust emissions. You can find three basic designs on the market, reactive silencer, absorptive silencers, and combination silencers. In a reactive silencer, noise springs back between the chambers to reduce the output noise. These types of silencers are good for low to medium level frequency noise reduction. The absorptive silencers come with fiberglass or E glass insulation. It reduces exhaust noise while it flows through the insulation. It is used for dampening high frequency sound waves. The combination silencer is a mix of both reactive and absorptive silencers. The chamber of the reactive silencer has the absorption material fitted into it to reduce sound. Silencers come in all shapes and sizes to fit your generator. Ask the online dealer for the silencer that is right for your unit. 

At above 2000 feet, the air density is low, and the engines suffer the loss of horsepower. Getting a generator with a turbo engine is good if you want to use the unit at high altitudes. The diesel turbo engines have the ability to increase air density by cramming more air into the combustion chamber. They are good for altitudes as high as 3000 feet above sea level. The engine can emit smoke which could be black or white. This is due to the fact that the manufacturers adjust the diesel engine for use at high altitudes by increasing the timing of fuel injection. These days you can find portable generators with mixed fuel injection timing. If you want to use your generator at high altitudes let the dealer know and they will suggest the ones that are right for the purpose. Leading brand names have the special carburetor kit on offer to handle the situation. The generator will keep running as usual without losing horsepower. 

If you are living off the grid, your life depends on your generators as it helps pull water from the well and keeps the lights and heating on. In the freezing cold, the oil and the battery freeze and the unit may not start for you at all. Get a cold weather kit that will help with startup. Besides the cold weather kit, there is also an extreme cold weather kit that can be used along with it. The extreme cold weather kit includes a thermostat-controlled engine block heater. It comes with hardware and fittings to install it. It reduces engine wear by lubricating vital moving parts during the start cycle. These kits ensure that your generator performance remains at its best when the barometer falls below zero degrees. These kits keep the oil and battery warm, so the performance of the engine is not reduced by the low temperatures.