Kids to Spend TIME on Art and Craft

You can expect kids to be naturally drawn to art and craft because as being curious and creative is in the nature of 99% kids. Given that every child has an artistic element in them doing art and craft with them should not be as difficult. While kids do not have so many expectations that need to be managed, they are always looking for fun activities to do. 

The best bit about it is that it encourages learning and opens up a child to newer scopes of thinking. Even kids party entertainers confirm that they use art and craft fun activities as a part of kids parties and 100% of the kids enjoy and engage well in such activities as opposed to singing and dancing activities.

It can be overwhelming to keep kids engaged at one activity in time. Kids love to move around and are temporal, which can make it hard to keep them locked in one place. To figure out the best way for doing arts and crafts with kids, read on.

Start with very basic supplies

Of course, there are some supplies you must procure for the arts and craft. To get the kids started with the creative process, begin with the vital supplies like crayons, colored paper, sponge pouncers, melted crayons, and porcelain clay, among others. 

Slowly introduce them with different materials, upon which you can experiment with several of them. These materials should range from cotton and other fabric to stickers, sticks, and leaves.

Most kids will love to spend time with their pets, get them to design a collar for the Dog or paint a T-shirt your dog would love to wear and see how eagerly they will work on it. 

Use experiences

Kids learn by seeing and repeating what they have seen. Ideally, it will be difficult to introduce a new concept to them, as opposed to using their experiences to make sense of all the art and craft activities. Let them be expressive about the things they know, by making rainy day colleges, ideas for Christmas, among others. 

The good thing with capitalizing on their experiences is that it gets all the kids actively engaged in the arts and crafts sessions. It makes it, therefore, essential for you to come up with activities that are common for all the kids, regardless of gender or religion differences.

Recycle and Reuse

Recycling is the best way to encourage creativity, which will get kids feeling comfortable with doing it even at home. If you have kids gathering up for one of those kids parties, you can get them to reuse some items from the party. 

Examples include tins and cans, aluminum foils, bottle caps, and drinking straws, among others. The more kids can feel free with trying out artistic works and ideas from items they have already used, the better they become at it.

Make it fun

The best way to get the most out of a child is to make the activities very fun. Children are naturally messy. In arts and craft, do not be too limiting on their messes. Let them dress for the activity in advance. 

This way, you do not have to worry about them dirtying their clothes. Allow them to color outside the lines every once in a while. Let them know that their mistakes can also count as art. This will only encourage their creativity and motivate them to keep trying to be better.

Celebrate small wins

When a child has done well, commend them. Much as kids love to be creative, they may not all be good at it. Some may perform better than others. 

That said, take time to commend and celebrate little wins. Every effort they put forth to achieve a specific creative goal means a lot to them, and so should it to you. When kids feel appreciated and acknowledged for their input, they will do more to receive those kinds of appreciation.

You can decide to put up some of their best works on a wall, or even award the best works. It does not have to be a trophy. You can use some gold stars for every level that a child attains.

Experiment with different projects

Children love to use their hands a lot, not to mention, are very curious. This gets them excited to try out different things. Instead of being consistent with one art and craft activity, try different ones. Make a shift from drawings to paintings, and molding and making playdough to sculpturing wood images. The more they get, the more they become engaged in the activities. 

Notice that some kids will be better at one activity than the other, which would be unfair if you did not consider this for awarding them. However, you do not need to get too fancy. The idea is simply to keep the activities fun and different, to cut down on monotony. For paper crafting, vinyl cutting and also fabric projects - visit