HVAC Technician Needs

There are a lot of people who are out in the field who would like to keep all their information on a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer that will help people read all the things they need to know to do their work. Because of this, you need to be sure that you have taken a look at what you might need to use so that you can do the best work. You can change the way that you handle your clients, and you can get your work done much faster.

1. HVAC Buddy

HVAC Buddy is a good place to start to be sure that you have done all the right measurements, saved yourself time, and done accurate calculations. You can put just about anything into the HVAC Buddy app, and you will discover that you can plan out your jobs using this app. The app will give you a chance to change the way that you do your work, and you should show the information on the app to the people that you are working for.

HVAC Buddy is just the first of these apps, but it is the one that will help you get the most done. You can pair this app with other apps when you need more information, and you can plan jobs using this app on your tablet. You can use the app share information with clients, and you could even send project details to your clients using the app and its contact/share feature.

2. HVAC Tech Terminology

The HVAC Tech Terminology app is something that you can use when you are trying to learn terms that you will use whether you are certified or not. You can look up all these things on the app, and you can check the terms that your technician has used. Plus, you might need to check some parallel terms that might be used in places where you did not train for your certification. You should keep this app on all your devices because you never know when you will run across problems that are caused by terms someone used.

3. HVAC Check & Charge

The check and charge app is a very good thing for you to use when you are trying to manage a simple sensor. The sensors that you use for your work can be connected to your device, and you can manage them through this app. The app will also tell you how much you need to charge Freon in a device. You can check the voltage in a device, and you can use this app to check information about wiring and other issues that you might run into. Because of this, you need to be sure that you have come up with a plan for your work that will make the most sense. People who are trying to get the best results will find that having this app on their phone allows them to do quick checks so that they can move on to the charging process.

4. Refrigerant

Refrigerant is a great app for you to use because it helps you check and charge devices during your work. You can come up with a plan for your recharges using the measurements that you have gotten. Refrigerant will help you check terms if you need to, and you can connect your sensors to do the checks that you need to do. This is a very powerful app that you can use at any time, and you will never need to do the math in your head.

Refrigerant allows you to learn how to manage Freon, and you can use the app to make sure that you have gotten the right amount of refrigerant for each device. You can check one more time before you recharge anything that you are working on, and you can use the app to explain how much has been lost since the last recharge. This is a big part of taking care of your clients because they need to know how they are using so much refrigerant in such a short period of time.

5. Temp Chart

Temp Chart is a great app to use because you need to know the temp ranges for a number of tasks that have to do with your HVAC work. You need to know how hot the heating element in a heater should run, but you also need to know the proper temperature for the coils in an AC unit. You need to be sure that you have checked these charts before you start certain kinds of work, and you need to have the chart up while you are testing the temperature of a device. When you know this information, you can make snap decisions that help you get more work done in the future.

Your clients often want to know what it going on, and you can show them the temp chart on your phone or tablet. This is a very simple app to use, and you can use these reference numbers to explain why you must do certain work in the house. You also might want to keep the temp chart handy because you never know when you need to physically demonstrate the problem that is going on. You can show the client the readout you got and the chart on your device.

6. HVAC Duct Sizer

The HVAC duct sizer is sometimes the only way for you to determine how big a diet is, how much duct space you need, and how large the duct is when you are too far away to analyze it yourself. You can use the duct sizer to ensure that you get accurate measurements, and you will even Get an image of the duct that you measured. The image is very helpful because you need a way of knowing what you have scanned. Plus, the image might help you better understand problems that are going on inside the duct.

7. Bluon HVAC App

Bluon Energy app is one of those apps that will help you do a lot of different things in the handyman and contracting work field. You can take measurements, do calculations, and look up information that relates to a number of different things. You are in much better shape when you have all this information at your fingertips. You can handle all the work that need to be done in the house, and you might find that you can get a good result because you can often take care of other things in the house if you do more than just HVAC work.

8. Conclusion

There are many apps that you need to keep on your phone, but the apps that youse will also help you do things that are not necessarily related to HVAC work. You need to have information that helps you complete a task, and you need information that you can pass on to your clients. People need to see the information that you have collected to handle their HVAC work, and they will be much more comfortable when you have given them good explanations for everything. The apps help you offer accurate information without doing the math in your head.