Crossword Puzzle

We have all come across (and maybe played) crossword puzzles in newspapers. Others also fill the puzzles on their mobile devices, gaming PCs, and game consoles. But are you aware that crosswords are far more than ordinary games? Apart from serving as study material, crosswords can also help you in relieving stress.

In this post, we will look at the 7 roles of crosswords in alleviating stress. You may want to start scheduling a time for the fun-filled “therapy” after a stressful day. You will start noticing significant improvements in a few days of filling out crosswords in your newspaper or book.

Here are the 7 ways crossword puzzles help you get rid of stress.

1. They Improve Your Mood

They Improve Your Mood

Your moods determine how successful you can get in various goals you have for your life in a given day. Poor moods not only affect your appearance but your health as well. A stressed person is less likely to stay happy. There is, therefore, the need to introduce a mood booster to help the person recover.

Crosswords are quiet and painless ways to improve your mood. Once you complete filling out the grid, there is that positive feeling you get as you always do when you complete a task. More games and you will forget about your stress and start being happy with yourself. In the long-run, the effects of negativity will vanish and give you freedom away from stress.

2. They Help You Solve Real-life Problems Easily

When you are stuck with your incomplete tasks, you can get negative feelings and start developing stress. What will the boss say? Or what if you get late for the market and your goods go stale? Some life challenges may look intimidating and you can get tempted to abandon them. But wait, you need to tackle all your problems and stay stress-free.

To gain the experience you need for tackling life challenges, you should start playing with crosswords. Yes, crosswords teach you strategy and analysis. You cannot complete the grids if you do not have an idea on how to solve it. Sometimes you do not have to start from the obvious or in chronological order.

The skills are fundamental in approaching any type of real-life challenges. The more you get rid of your problems, the more you get relaxed and the stress will vanish on its own.

3. They Promote Relaxation

They Promote Relaxation

Crossword solving may seem as challenging and tough. But the challenge it poses is beneficial to your health and well-being. As you continue completing the grid, you continue to stimulate your minds to act, think, and formulate your answers. And the stimulation leads to relaxation of your mind by getting rid of tension.

Being active in crosswords also causes a shift in your consciousness. It awakens your mind to the present problem you are solving so that you can get the right answers. In this way, you will forget all your worries. By the time you finish the puzzle, you feel relaxed and peaceful.

4. It Improves Your Productivity

Completing crosswords proves that every situation that you can tackle any assignment that seems difficult and intimidating. The motivation you gain from solving crossword puzzles times concise crossword answers 911 helps you to gain the courage to face your duties knowing that you can also finish them. The result is that you will get more productive and proficient which boosts your morale and lower stress and tension.

5. It Empowers Your Social Skills

It Empowers Your Social Skills

Socializing with other people is an important element of reducing your stress. But you cannot get a company with your poor socializing skills. People who are introverts usually have a hard time expressing themselves and get along with group conversations.

One way to approach the problem is by playing crosswords with your friends or family members. And you will learn the interpersonal relationship skills you need for keeping up with your mates.

6. They Boost Your Memory

Students tackling crosswords can improve their memory - both the short-term and long-term. It is a reliable way to remember what you have learned in the previous topic(s). If you were preparing for your examinations, you can be sure to relieve your tension with the help of crosswords before you sit for your papers.

7. Crosswords Are Full of Fun

To get yourself engaged and spend the time away from boredom, you should think about crosswords. It is fun going through the clues and definitions to find the answers for the crosswords. You will be amused to realize that you have missed out on synonyms and descriptive words that elaborate a scenario, phenomenon, or object.

Crosswords make it fun to learn new ideas and terms. But it is also a cool way to pass time alone when you do not want disturbance. Instead of focusing on your misfortunes, crosswords can help you stay off the trails and focus on the “here and now” to promote peace of mind.


Managing stress is both easy and tough. It all depends on the skills you have acquired to manage it. And the severity of stress can also depend on the source and the impact of what you are facing or going through. But crosswords can help you to combat the various stressful situations and promote your peace and relaxation.

If you are in real trouble, you need to seek help from a professional therapist or psychologist. Sometimes, you will need the help of the local authorities if you are facing life-threatening situations. Do not rely on calming stress if your life is in danger. Crosswords are meant to promote recovery from the stress that affects your comfort and peace of mind.