Summer Outfit in New York City

New York City is the city that never sleeps, and due to this very attribute, it has eclipsed megacities like Bangkok, Paris, Dubai, and so many more in the list of the most attractive cities for tourists. It is by far one of the world's biggest and busiest tourist attractions.

Millions of tourists from around the world make it a note to travel at least once to New York in a lifetime- and it makes sense why they would do that. The Big Apple is a bustling city loved by all because of its endless possibilities and activities.

Every street is filled with restaurants serving exquisite food, and there are many places you can go sightseeing, such as the iconic Central Park, the largest urban park in New York City, and many more famous spots at every corner.

The combination of the variety of food and tourist attraction spots are some of the main things that have helped New York gain its popularity over the years. The city has made a name for itself as one of the world's top-notch tourist destinations.

If you plan to take a trip to New York in the summer, you should know a few things before you hop on your first flight to NYC. If you are a native New Yorker, you would understand what the summer in this bustling city is like, but if you are new to this place and have no clue what the weather will be like, we will be honest with you. Summers in New York are VERY HOT. And by hot, we mean you will be dripping sweat just a minute or two after leaving your hotel room.

Planning your getup for the summer beforehand is the key to solving this problem. You need to consider several factors when planning what kind of clothes you need to pack for the summer because a simple bikini top with denim shorts will not keep you satisfied throughout your vacation.

New York women’s fashion has a lot of styles when it comes to dressing up for the summer. If you think you will compromise your style to avoid New York’s heat waves, rest assured because that won’t happen.

For those fashion fanatics who love to dazzle in style but don’t want to get heatstroke while walking on the streets of New York, we have compiled a list of tips for your convenience that can offer a balance between your style and comfort to make you look your best throughout your trip.

Comfort Comes First

No matter the season, your comfort takes the first priority when picking out your clothes. Feeling comfortable in what you wear can make you feel good and boost your self-confidence, so this clothing can help you survive the hot weather much more easily.

Also, don’t panic if your comfort clothes don’t exactly resemble the outfit of a fashion model. Even though New York is well known for being a fashion capital, you will be surprised at the majority of people who dress in simple and casual clothing most of the time. You need to walk A LOT in New York to visit places, dine, or just shop around from one place to another.

That is why comfort is necessary if you plan to tour the city all day. We suggest that for these endeavors, you wear a plain T-shirt tucked in with a patterned midi dress or a fancy skirt for your bottom wear. As for the shoes, opt for some sandals or flats to avoid making your feet suffer at the end of the day.

Take a Break from the Jeans

You can wear several kinds of lightweight bottom wear in the summer, but some of these don’t always mesh well with your upper wear.

However, the kind of lower wear that always pairs well with stylish upper wear is pants or shorts. But, you should remember that some of these are made from heavier fabrics, so choosing the suitable material for them can save your legs from a vast, sweaty burden.

Avoid wearing jeans. They look good, but they are made from heavy fabrics, and the constant friction between the jeans and your skin increases your chances of developing a rash, which can be very painful for you to deal with when traveling.

Wear tights instead. They are lightweight, made from breathable fabric, and even accentuate the length of your legs. Get pants that have more stretch and end at your ankles for a chic outfit look. You can even wear light-colored T-shirts or tops with cotton or linen shorts so that it is easier for you to walk long distances.

Don’t Forget Your Skirts

Even though shorts and pants are an excellent alternative to jeans, you shouldn’t forget that skirts are a good option. Pants represent a chicer look, so if you prefer a cuter appearance, packing your skirts for the trip is the best decision. Plus, you can wear many different types of skirts.

You can look dazzling in a pleated skirt, a patterned skirt, a plain-colored skirt, a denim skirt, or even skirts with different styles and prints. You can add several accessories to go along with these versatile skirt choices. Bracelets, clutches, or sunglasses can amplify the attraction of your appearance.

Pack More of Your Cooler Outfits

New York City generally hits the peak of tourism in July and August for more than one reason. Children are off from school for summer vacations, so many families plan longer and abroad trips during these times, allowing New York to increase their number of activities around this time. And these months are also when the city's heat is at its worst.

If you want to participate in all the activities being explicitly held during the summer, make sure that you have several more relaxed clothing packed for the trip. You can wear sleeveless tops or shirts with lighter fabrics such as linen and cotton. Finish these looks with sneakers, sandals, and your choice of skirt, and you are ready to take on the city’s heat.

Additional Layers

Even though the heat is around more than 80 degrees in the summer, it’s not like everyone is suffering from the unbearable heat at all times. Because the humidity during the summer is the worst in New York. Many places have air conditioners for a relaxed atmosphere for native New Yorkers and tourists alike. So before you fill your packing back with only every piece of summer clothing you own, you might also want to consider opposite situations.


One of the most famous pieces of clothing ever created by the fashion industry is none other than jumpsuits. The reasons behind its popularity are the associated benefits. Their light fabric makes them breathable to wear in the summer, and the design of the whole suit is so appealing that you can wear this dress to almost any occasion and still not look out of place.

Jumpsuits will be the biggest lifesaver on your trip to New York in the summer. Whether you wear heels or not, this dress is perfectly capable of providing you with the best comfort.

The Right Dress

Dresses are some of the most significant choices you can opt for when aiming for more appeal and attention from your viewers. But only some dresses are meant to be worn throughout the season.

Regarding outfit choices for the summer, your dresses must be addressed. They make you look chic, cute, and attractive and even give off a sense of individuality when you put them on. You can’t spend your vacations in New York simply wearing only shirts, pants, or skirts daily. But if you want to wear dresses during the summer in New York, pack the right ones to deal with the heat.

Give your skin room to breathe, and wear some sleeveless dresses made from lightweight fabrics such as cotton or silk. They give a cooler and more stylish feel while providing you with a significant amount of comfort. And if you visit an air-conditioned place, you can wear a jacket or blazer on top, which won’t hinder the beauty emitted from your dress.

If you can follow these tips diligently, no matter how often you visit New York or any other place during the summer, you will be prepared to have a comfortable trip dressed up in style.