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7 things that make a perfect corporate gift

perfect corporate gift

The corporate world is very different from our own little world at home. It reeks of professionalism, good manners, and qualified gestures. Everything you do as a corporate should be sensible and portray your personality. Meetings, presentations, parties or conferences, everything has to be done right.
Talking about getting it right, corporate gifts are the best way to join the good books of your corporate family. Employees, clients, acquaintances or your boss, it always works.

But before you find a perfect corporate gift, check out this amazing guide on how to find a perfect corporate gift. Once you are done, check the list of the 7 best Corporate gifts to help you out –

Tea of Coffee Blends

With most Corporates in the habit of having their own preferences of caffeine at least once a day, a well-stocked set of different tea or coffee blends can go a long way for you. Not only will this make sure that they think about you once a day but also be a useful and practical gift. You could also go for a customized set of tea ranging with green tea, Darjeeling tea, earl grey or any local options. Coffee could mean getting the right set of beans and Blue Tokai would be an amazing option.

Executive table set

There are a couple of things that you would always find on an office table or with a working professional. A pen, a notebook, a paperweight, and a wallet. Use these three things to have a mandatory box set which could also be customized to show a corporate logo or name. You should also vouch for professional colours like Black, dark blue or brown and ensure that the packaging is spot on. You could also add a cardholder, keychain or a pair of sunglasses if you want something more exquisite.

Fitness products

If you have any clients who visit the gym daily or go for runs in the evenings, this is the perfect opportunity to impress them. Gifts like a fitness tracker belt, a customized water bottle or a protein smoothie box set would bring a smile to the gift holder’s face. This is also the perfect opportunity to have a conversation and even set up a meeting in the form of a friendly workout session!


Another practical and long-lasting would be going for trustable electronics. A pair of headphones, a power bank or a Kindle from a reliable brand like Bose, JBL, Sony or Amazon can leave an impression of good taste in the minds of your clients. In fact, you could have a corporate logo or tagline printed on each of these products before gifting to further make your mark. A speaker or TV set can also be considered.

Indian Handicrafts

India is known for its culture and tradition. From Kashmiri shawls to Banarasi Sarees, India has it all. Use this gifting opportunity to not only promote the industry but also to be unique and classy. The best suggestion would be to buy Indian Handicrafts easily available on the web. Along with mats and table tops, they also have lanterns, brass statues, wooden musical instruments, and chess sets.

Office Accessories

A simple yet effective idea would be to stick to the basics. A coffee mug, a desk mini lamp or a wooden classic pen stand can always work as a charming gift idea. Also, a few websites even have creative themed mobile phone holders or table clocks that can also do the job. Remember to think about what to gift as per who to gift. Gifting a table clock to a consultant who travels all the time might not be the best idea but then again, a coffee mug would be magical.

Food and drinks

Food is an evergreen gifting option, anywhere & everywhere. Use this piece of advice and go for standard food baskets or drink sets as gifts. It could be a bakery set, a self-cooking kit or even a beer brewing kit. Depending on the person and their interests, make a choice. If you aren’t sure, play it safe with a wine set or a gourmet food kit, easily available in departmental stores or malls. Even though these gifts aren’t of the long-lasting kind, they are definitely the happy kind.

Finalize a budget, focus on personalization and work on grabbing the heart, instead of the eye. This way you will not only select the best gift but also give away the right message.

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