Conscious Consumerism

Today, we exist in a world that is heading towards its fag end, largely due to the global negligence towards the climate change. If we do not get it reformed or do not rectify the mistakes we did, the repercussions that follow will be irreversible. Conscious consumerism is part of the solution. It is defined as being involved in the buying and being associated with those entities which are environment-friendly and cruelty-free to humans, animals and the atmosphere. This article is going to tell you why conscious consumerism is important and why is everyone rallying for it nowadays.

1. Mitigates Child Labor

Child Labor is one of the most gruesome menaces of today’s world. Giant companies hire children on cheap labour hours and deny them of their childhood and quality education. This is a heinous crime and it must be addressed before most of our children get engulfed by a dark future. You must be aware of what is happening around you, which brand is hiring children for their work and how the items are reaching you in those fancy boutiques or outlets. Asking the right questions can bring about a positive change in the lives of many children across the globe.

2. Reduce Violation of Human Rights

Numerous firms are guilty of providing working conditions to their workers that are in contrast to human rights. The workers don’t get paid enough amount. They are kept in extremely questionable conditions with no proper ventilation, light or a working atmosphere. This takes a toll on their both physical and mental health. It is not right to engage with these firms. In fact, they must be boycotted before the things go out of hand and the damage is irreversible. You can read more here.

3. Genuine Companies Get Benefited

If you make your purchases from the right store that is not getting involved in any wrong affairs or policies, you encourage the companies that are on the right side of the equation. You spend more there and support their conscientiousness. This brings them profits and they further make sure they do not violate any ethical laws. Furthermore, this sets a precedent for other firms to follow their lead and ensure more profits as they will be using the right and ethical ways of production.

4. You are Changing the World

This may sound poetic but it is true. Changes do not happen at once and with just one show of effort. It is the sum of little efforts accumulated over time. You are transforming the world here, bit by bit and playing your part in conserving what is left of the earth. If you refuse to buy from companies that are morally challenged, you are standing up for the animal and humans that are involved in the production but are having their rights denied. You are bringing betterment in their lives and in turn, creating a more ethically informed society. You can read more here.

5. Changing the Dynamics of the Market

Now, we all know the big firms even the ones with questionable production techniques are making humungous profits. There is a dire need for all the consumers to become aware and stand up against them. Their businesses run because of us, the consumers. If we refuse to buy these products, they will be forced to adopt the correct methods of production. One after the other, a ripple effect will occur and the dynamics of the market can be altered for good this way.

6. People have Access to More Information

The advancement in the technology and spread of information has done wonders for trade and businesses. Information is now accessible to everyone just at a few clicks. People are more aware now and they do not want to sit in oblivion and buy whatever that comes their way. They need to know the backstory and that is why conscious consumerism is on the rise.

7. Power

Another reason why informed consumerism is the order of the day is that now the consumers have power. They know how to use their voice and where to use their voice. They can boycott any company they want which is involved in non-sustainable methods of production and the company will suffer huge losses as it is a chain reaction.

In a nutshell, we have come a long way as a modern human civilization. We have the means to get ourselves informed and spread the word. Choosing to remain silent about these issues is disastrous socially, environmentally and economically. It is about time we use our resources and make informed decisions for ourselves and the society we exist in.