Medical Benefits of CBD Oil

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is specifically found in a marijuana plant called Cannabis Sativa. A cannabis plant contains 104 compounds called cannabinoids, out of which, Cannabidiol is the most famous one. Unlike its sister compound, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is not a psychoactive substance and does not induce feelings of euphoria or a “high”. 

CBD is processed by carefully extracting the CBD component from the cannabis plant, separating it from the rest of the compounds and then diluting it with a carrier oil. Hemp seed oil is the most commonly used carrier oil. This hemp CBD oil is then prepared for commercial use.

While this can be expensive overtime especially for daily use but there are CBD Oil discounts that are available online that can help.

Scientists have now found many health benefits to CBD oil, including its pain-relieving properties. CBD oil is very much worth the hype and here are the 10 medical benefits you can get from it.

1. Decreased risk of cardiovascular diseases

According to 2013 research data, patients with cardiovascular diseases who used CBD oil exhibited an increase in their high-density lipoproteins, which is the good cholesterol in the body. Not only did it increase HDL but also helped lower LDL (low-density lipoprotein) or bad cholesterol. High levels of HDL decreased the risk of cardiovascular diseases like hypertension or coronary artery disease.

2. Helps relieve pain

Many have heard of medicinal marijuana that has been used for a long time to relieve pain. Many date the use of marijuana for pain relief back till 2900 B.C. Scientists have now discovered that one of the pain-relieving elements is CBD. 

The body contains an endocannabinoid system that regulates our immune system, pain, and sleep. Endocannabinoids are neurotransmitters that bind to receptors to relieve pain. CBD mimics the function of those neurotransmitters and helps reduce inflammation. Studies also suggest that an infusion of CBD with THC is very helpful in relieving pain in patients with arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

3. Reduces anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression are problematic mental health issues that have ruined the lives of many. The treatment of anxiety and depression requires the use of pharmaceutical drugs which have a number of side effects including dependency, loss of libido, agitation, and tolerance. Many people die due to overdose as they can also lead to substance abuse.

CBD oil has shown quite remarkable results in terms of treating the two mental disorders. CBD oil has also been shown to treat the side effects of anxiety medication like insomnia and in helping children with post-traumatic stress disorder. 

4. Reduces cancer-related symptoms

Patients who undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy suffer because of the side effects like nausea, vomiting and excruciating pain. The drugs normally used to relieve these symptoms are often ineffective in extreme cases and patients are always on the lookout for better alternatives. CBD has also been known to reduce the spread of breast cancer in mice, according to the latest research, but human trials are still pending. Nevertheless, CBD is a great alternative to relieve nausea and vomiting after chemo.

5. May help acne

Acne is a hormonal or genetic skin condition many teenagers and adults suffer from. CBD has been known to help people with acne and acne scarring due to its many anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps people with oily skin by reducing the amount of sebum produced by sebaceous glands.

6. Reduces risk for diabetes and obesity

We’ve all seen people who use marijuana losing body mass quickly. It has been found that the CBD component turns the white fat into brown fat and kick-starts insulin production with sugar metabolism.

7. Maintenance of brain health

Cannabinoids have a neuroprotective nature which means that they regulate your brain health by removing damaged cells with glutamate toxicity and regulating serotonin levels.

8. Protects bones and bone diseases

CBD regulates bone metabolism to maintain a strong and healthy bone structure in the body by blocking an enzyme that breaks bone down over time and causes osteoporosis and arthritis. Both these diseases prevent the formation of new bones and decrease the density of the existing bones, thereby making it prone to injury and fracture.

9. Helps sleep disorders

CBD oil regulates sleep cycles and has a therapeutic effect on the mind. It calms the senses and may also provide respiratory stability by regulating serotonin for patients suffering from sleep apnea.

10. Calms patients with childhood epilepsy

CBD has helped patients with epilepsy without notable side effects, according to a new study. Children that were given the CBD component had fewer seizures and since has been approved by the FDA to treat patients with epilepsy.

CBD oil has numerous properties and is far different than basic hemp oil. CBD oil has been legalized in European countries and many parts of the United States which makes it easier to find on sites like