Borrow Money

Borrowing money is inevitable. However, strong you appear financially, at some point in life you will have to borrow money. Maybe you do not agree with this assertion for some reasons. Perhaps your business is doing well and has stable cash flows. Maybe you have made a lot of savings to provide for you even in times of emergencies. The bust is that it? Well, if you are a business person, you need to think about the future of your venture. As the business grows, you will need to more capital to keep up with demand, to expand customers’ base, and to upgrade your equipment.

You will need more funds to invest in new technology and gain a competitive edge. What if you are not a business person? You are still not immune to borrowing. While you may have made a lot of savings acknowledge the fact that life has a lot of turns and we do not know how things might turn out to be in the near future. Think of a medical emergency you need to take care of. What if your savings are in a fixed account? There have been occasions where individuals have failed to access their accounts as soon as expected. The point is, borrowing money is unavoidable.

Indisputably, borrowing money is an integral aspect of having a stable financial life. It gives you an opportunity to experience something you otherwise would have missed. Having said that, it is important to know the avenues you can use to borrow money. When an emergency strikes, you may need money instantly. Where can you turn to in such situations? You need to prepare yourself now by getting acquainted with various sources you can use to get cash faster.

Where to turn to

So then, where can you borrow money immediately? This section focuses on ways one can borrow funds quickly. So, let us start reviewing these options.
  • Credit card cash loans. This is a loan that can be taken via credit card. Using this option, one can have the funds the same day by exploring either of the following three ways. One can go directly to the bank location, withdraw from ATM with pin and credit card, or asking for the funds to be sent into his or her checking account. Usually, credit card companies allow their clients to borrow a certain proportion of their credit limit. The fees charged on credit card advances are often a fraction of the amount borrowed.
  • Even though you can have adequate time to repay the loan, it is worth noting that interest will always accrue on the remaining balance immediately. Important to note, not all credit card companies give cash loans and so you need to know your company. Besides, your card must be in good standing in order to advance loans and must have a credit limit as well, otherwise, you cannot borrow. Since credit cards have relatively higher interest rates, it is important to consider other alternatives first.
  • Payday Loans. If you need cash very fast, this is the best way to go. These are short-term advances which must be repaid within the next payday. They are the most convenient way to get funds right on the spot. Of all the loan options, payday is the easiest to be approved for. In fact, this is the reason for their popularity. They are quite attractive to individuals who desperately need cash immediately, or facing financial crisis.

For approval, you are only supposed to provide the following information:

  • I. Your address
  • II. Proof of steady income for at least three months
  • III. Accessibility to checking account to ensure money can be deposited and automatic withdrawal of payments.
Nevertheless, payday loans are the most expensive loans out there. The APR may even go beyond 500%. Being short terms with these high rates, it has often been difficult for borrowers to get the needed funds and repay the loan. If you are in a financial crisis, payday loans can only worsen your condition. There is always an option to extend the repayment time but this provision comes at very high costs. In fact, you may never get out of payday loans if you choose to extend the loan duration. 

Explore this option only when it is absolutely necessary.

  • Friends and family members. The closest people are the best when it comes to salvaging your financial condition. Contact a family member or a friend and let them know your condition. Explain to them why you need the money and promise to refund. If they are in a good position to help, they will not hesitate. To show them your seriousness about repaying, you can offer one of your valuable assets as collateral. You can also offer interest and this will make them feel secure. To avoid misunderstandings, make sure you all sign an agreement with the terms of borrowing. When the cash is granted, repay in full amount and in good time to avoid damaging your relationship. In case the response is “no”, take it positively and be appreciative still.
  • A personal lender having quick approval. A credible personal lender can offer you the best term when you need cash instantly, for more online lenders visit best money lender in Singapore. However, take note that it can take at least one day for funds to be deposited. Besides, you should have a good credit score for approval.
  • Secured personal loans. If you need cash immediately but do not qualify for a credit card or quick personal loans, a secured personal loan is the right option. You will have to attach a valuable asset to secure the loan. Even if you have bad credit, you can easily get approved for these loans.
When you are in urgent need of money and you feel desperate, you are very vulnerable financially. You can easily be prey for scammers. You can ask for more time to finance the need if it is possible. Allow yourself to calm and explore all your alternatives in order to make an informed decision. If possible, avoid payday loans and car title loans, they will worsen your financial life in the end.