modern chefs wear

Earlier when you thought of a chef, the imagery of a professional dressed in a white jacket and checkered pants was evoked to the mind. And this picture could not be complete without seeing him in his Toque Blanche – the tall, crisp, pleated white hat. Today, the situations are different, and hence the choice of chef uniforms has also transformed keeping it with the new age requirements. However, what is undeniable is the fact that whether it was the previous era or the current time, the chef uniforms continue to represent the pride and respect associated with this profession.

In present days, the role of the chef is not just limited to the four confines of the kitchen. They have to serve their customer with the best tasting food that promises higher nutritional value and lesser calories. Besides, the presentation also matters. Mostly, they have to be quick and sublime in everything right from bringing their food out from the kitchen to presenting it to the customers. And all these demands portraying a combination of hygiene and sophistication,. For those reasons, there have been minor deviations in the new style of chef clothing. That’s why, today, the overall uniform of a chef comprises the following elements.

Chef Coat

The chef coats continue to be mostly double-breasted available in white and black hues. These are generally reversible jackets that one can immediately flip if something spills on his or her uniform without having a need to rush for washing or cleaning it. For those chefs who can afford it, for a few dollars more than the cost of generic chef coats and aprons, there are companies that will make the order. For more information on custom chef coats check out 

Chef Hat

In the modern days, baseball caps and a few other variations have replaced the tall white hats for the comfort and convenience of the users. While a tall hat creates obstacles when one tries to reach out for an item, these small headgears provide ease of work. They also add to the casual and fun mood of contemporary times.

Chef shirt

The chef shirts available in traditional and modern forms come with excellent designs and patterns. They are the most fundamental part of the full uniform.

Chef pants

Having undergone a significant transformation, the new patterns and designs on the pants have replaced the plain black chef pants of the earlier times in many places. With that, the addition of an elastic waist and other such features has made them a more preferred choice.


This piece of clothing was not a part of the traditional uniforms. However, a large number of chefs put on an apron to protect themselves from hot spills, stains, heat, and flames. These are typically made from flame-resistant, heavy-duty materials. In some of these pieces of clothing, you will find big pockets that allow them to keep necessary cooking tools in them.

So, these are some of the integral parts of a chef's uniform. Apart from them, there are many other things a chef requires, such as hand gloves, towels, etc. If you are looking to buy these things, consider checking a store that specializes in wholesale chefwear. It will not only help you to get all the items of your needs but also customize a few of them to suit your purpose.