Military Spouses
Military Spouses 
Being a military spouse is full of perks and quirks. It’s a lifestyle some say only exists in a ‘bubble’. You get it by marrying into your nation’s military.

Military spouses make up the second half of every military marriage. If you are a military spouse you are in for a whole new world of support systems that you can spend hours boasting about with your civilian counterparts. You will definitely be well-taken care of and that is something you can be sure of.

You will also be happy to learn the extent of your benefits. You will have exclusive career opportunities, exclusive access to amenities and programs, great medical benefits, and in some cases, also educational assistance and skill training opportunities for yourself and other dependents. The military spouse life can be an exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling experience for those who are prepared for everything else that comes along with it.

Prepared for what, you might ask?

Every military spouse knows that never-ending feeling of tugging along vast amounts of stress and anxiety every step of the way. In fact, as a military spouse, you are more likely to establish anxiety disorder than your civilian counterparts. And it’s not a mystery to see why.

Military life keeps you on your toes. You are always expecting the unexpected. It’s full of series of unpredictable challenges, impromptu transfers, and the dreaded deployments every so often.

It can be difficult to feel you are in control of your own life as it dictates where you go and when you go. This is literally a lifestyle where your only constant is change. Even though you are not the one moving away from your beloved community, it could be your long-time friends, or it can be the other spouses you’ve recently just made connections with who are moving away.

Recent studies and surveys have shown that military spouses are experiencing high stress levels and anxiety. Anxiety, defined, is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

Although everyone experiences some symptoms of anxiety at different points in their life as vague or unsettling feelings, anxiety of the military spouse is not something civilian spouses could fully understand due to the nature of military work, extended deployments or even tragic outcomes are realities faced by many spouses.

Can you imagine the burden placed on the military spouses?

It’s an uneasy feeling that’s always present at the back of their minds for the full duration their partner is actively employed by the armed services. Some may be strong enough to deal with bag of mixed emotions that comes with being a military spouse and may never be affected by the negative impacts stress and anxiety puts on a person. While some may even be able to cope with these feelings of stress and anxiety with the help and support of their fellow military spouses.

But what if the current support systems in place for them are not enough?

Seeing a counselor or a doctor that specializes in deep healing may be the next best step.

Not necessarily considered mainstream, deep healing offers a way for an individual, or a military spouse in this case, to go through a route to return to a healthy state of balance. This means improving overall stress levels and reducing or completely eliminating anxiety attacks.

But what exactly is deep healing?

By definition, it’s the process of moving the mind, body, emotion, and behavior to becoming more whole and finding homeostasis. As the person becomes more whole, each of those component parts start to work better individually. It will lead to creating a well-coordinated and effective functioning relationship with each other.

In layman’s terms, you will start to feel more in control physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually where the expected outcomes would include living a healthier lifestyle through exercise and maintaining a proper diet, you will be more in control of your emotions by rechanneling negative thoughts into positive energy, and even finding your sense of purpose and fulfillment in your role as a military spouse.

Understand that your thoughts control your nervous system. Your nervous system controls your state of mind, your behaviors, and your views. It will tell you ‘deep down’ if you are healthy or not.

Deep healing aims to access your conscious mind and put it in a state of harmony and balance which in turn will balance your physical and spiritual self. It can come in several different forms and activities. 

There are self-healing methods and techniques which you can learn and take on alone such as meditation, relaxation, and guided imagery to name a few. Then you have the clinically guided methods such as hypnosis.

To make the healing journey even more fun and interesting, you may even begin the whole process by taking on a professional tarot card reading. Tarot Prophet can give you a different perspective and ‘deeper’ look into the root cause of your increased stress levels and anxiety disorders as a military spouse. It may even give you a much more effective plan of attack and better guide you on your way back to the highest levels of health.

Whichever method, or methods, of deep healing you choose on your way to wellness, know that you are not alone on your journey. Military spouses, especially those newly welcomed to the ‘club’, are more prone to the uneasy feelings of anxiety and high stress levels. Going through the healing process together with your fellow military spouses may also be something to consider.

Deep healing, with the correct guidance and research, can be a very effective tool for military spouses. It can get you back to your most healthy and balanced state of mind and body and prepare you for the role you’ve chosen and taken up as your partner’s only constant in the ever-changing and unpredictable world of their nation’s armed force services.