Tire Workouts

Hey, are you a fitness buff and love to set yourself fresh challenges for yourself every day? Doing the same old stuff at the gym may be boring and mentally not stimulating enough. Every day you must have the verve, the energy and the impetus to crush new goals. And that’s why something as new and fresh like tire workouts may add value to your fitness regime. You need something that will set you working as a man of steel. Tire workouts are an amazingly awesome combination of strength, endurance, and a calorie scorcher, all at once. It is what one can call a total body workout. Also, it’s never boring, you can try its various options to break the monotony.

Best Tire workouts is an emerging trend and the absolute go-to workout for the body-builders, powerlifters, athletes, and sportspersons. You feel awesome after the workout, like a whole new strong person. It isn’t agender-specific workout and both men and women can try their mettle with this workout. Just choose the weight of the tire you are comfortable with and begin your journey with tire training workouts. While male beginners can have a go with 300 to 500-pound tire and female beginners may begin their journey with tire-training with 100 to 300-pound tire or even higher, well if you have the power and the strength, just go for it!

Amazing Benefits of Tire Workouts 

  • This is an inexpensive workout. Procure a tore from anywhere, say a junkyard and you are good to go.
  • It’s a killer full-body workout.
  • It’s a one-equipment workout, just one piece of workout is suffice
  • It boosts the conditioning ability of the body.
  • It maximizes the speed, flexibility, and the strengthening of the muscles
  • It is a great lower body workout.
  • It gives a break from your regular lifting-weights workout.

Best Tire Workouts to Target both Upper Body and Lower Body

1. Tire Flips: This exercise is fun yet it is challenging, it combines the two elements to give you a great burn. It is a perfect upper body workout and helps tone up your upper bodies such as arms, shoulders and chest muscles. 
Technique: This is one of the simplest tire workouts, but it helps crush your fitness goals. Practice with precision and perfection to get the most out of it. Put the tire on the ground and stand with your feet shoulder-distance apart. Squat low and grab the tire putting your finger underneath and pull the tire up as you move your body from the squatting position. Now, push the tire and flip it around and forward. Keep at it till you are done, not when you are tired.
2. Decline Push-ups: Add the extra zing to your regular push-ups with tire workouts. It’s a solid core burner!
Technique: Begin on the floor while you face away from the tire. Place your palms firmly on the ground while your legs are fully extended with feet on the tire right behind you. Get into a push-up position as you bend both arms at 90-degree angles. Push your body up back to the former position.
3. Jump Squats: You have done jump squats before now how about doing the same on the tires? This burns your quads glutes, hamstrings, and core.
Technique: Keep your tire on the center of the tire. Bend your knees as you jump on the tire in a squat position. Then, return back to the original position. These tire workouts offer a super burn in the legs.
4. Sledgehammer: Channelise the inner Thor in you and practice this fun workout activity. This tire workout helps develop power and build overall strength. It strengthens both your forearms and grip. Also, it offers a great boost to your endurance of muscles and enhances muscle strength.
Technique: Burn it with a big hammer and keep beating the tire with the hammer in a lunge pose. Do it repeatedly and with your full might.
5. Triceps Dips: This exercise works on your triceps, arms and shoulder muscles and tire tricep dips is just what the name suggests, you do it on the tire instead on the bench or ground.
Technique: Place the tire on the floor and position your arms behind your back and on the tire. Extend your arms. Gradually lower your body by bending them at the elbows at a 90-degree angle. Don’t touch the ground. Do at least 15 times for 3 sets each.
6. Tire Box Jumps: Starting with tire workouts? Well, this is a great cardiovascular workout that enhances strength and allows you to burn some major calories. This boosts balance, speed, and stamina.
Technique: Place the tire on the ground and stand right before it. Keep your feet shoulder-distance apart and drop to a squat position. Move into a jump and land right on the edge of the tire. Jump back to the ground and keep repeating it.

These are some basic tire workouts that you can try if you're just beginning your tire training fitness journey. Don’t think that these are the only tire workouts you can try. When it comes to tire workouts, versatility is the name of the game. Besides these exercises, there are a lot more tire workouts such as step-ups on a tire, Tire deadlift, lateral jumps, and tire flip and sprint to explore. Include them into your tire workout regime and as you go include the more advanced techniques. Once you become a pro, you will realize that these type of workouts can impact your body in a number of positive ways. Keep yourself hydrated all through the entire practice.