Community college

What is a community college?

Community colleges are also known as junior colleges that offer a two-year curriculum. Most of the courses available at community colleges are available for the personal growth and development of the students. Historically, these colleges have sprung up to meet the requirements of young students who don't want to leave their families and hometowns for higher education. However, the students choose to complete a four-year degree after having this two-year degree in community college.

How studying in a community college is a great option?

Yes, it makes sense to study in community college instead of a four-year university degree. Many subjects taught in a four-year degree have also been trained in a two-year degree at a community college.

Get an associate degree (two-year degree)

You will get an associate degree to help you understand the general underclass work.


Cost is a critical factor that makes community college the best place to complete your education. Attending a two-year degree in a community college is much cheaper than a four-year degree in a university.

When it is challenging to decide on a major

When a student cannot decide on a major, attending a two-year degree will clear their basics before attending a four-year degree in university. It helps them to finish their undergraduate level before pursuing a primary course.

The best option as a part-time college

When you are the earning member of your life but don't want to give up on your studies, a community college can help you complete your dreams. Most community colleges have evening courses you can attend after doing your daily work. On the other hand, in private colleges or universities, students have to participate in full-time college, so they can't complete their studies part-time. According to a survey, 62% of students attend community colleges part-time to complete their higher studies.

When a student's grades are poor

When you want to pursue higher education, you need better grades to get admission to public and private colleges or four-year degrees. In community college, even a student with poor grades can be admitted. You can reapply to a four-year college after a better quality.

It is a career-oriented degree.

Community college is always a faster option to pursue a career-oriented degree. When you have not decided on a particular carrier-orientedogram, you should choose a two-year degree in community college.

Considerations before attending a community college

You might need an on-campus living experience. Many people feel that the social atmosphere is one of the most critical factors in the overall environment. Students' ability to interact and make friends in college may be limited. You should know this factor before attending a community college.

Some community colleges don't offer extra-curricular activities such as sports, games, cheerleading, etc.

How are community colleges different from the university and private colleges?

The two main differences between a community college and a private college are the campus atmosphere and the admission policies.

Remember that you may need to gain campus living experience in community college. They must be set up so students can live the on-campus experience. Here, students are expected to live at home. You don't need to leave your home to continue your further education, and you can attend it part-time.

The second one is the admission policies. There is a vast difference between a community college and a private college. Community colleges don't promote any kind of competitive exams, and you don't need to get higher grades to gain admission to such colleges.

These are the two main differences between community colleges and universities with a regular four-year degree.


After considering this community college review, you know that both the university and community college allow you to continue your education. After learning the difference between community college and other regular private and public schools, it becomes easier for you to gain admission.