tiny home on wheels

Challenging the conventional thinking of living big and living better, the new tiny home on wheels concept is making a splash everywhere in the US. More and more people now want to reduce the size of the space they reside along with making it simple. They are getting attracted to this new lifestyle choice for the amount of freedom that it brings them. For example, if you own a mobile home, you can attach it to your car and drive it anywhere. That makes this proposition all the more incredible.

Then, it also includes environmental and financial benefits in addition to many others. Those who never lived in a tiny mobile house can find it a bold choice. But here are some highlights that prove why it makes sense to adopt this style of life.

Why choose a mobile home for yourself?

Get all your needs fulfilled within a small space
Whether you think of it as a loft apartment or a big tent, a tiny home is a fully-functional home that comes with everything that you need removing all the unnecessary things from it. It contains all the comfort of a standard home, such as storage space, kitchen, dining room, shower area, bed, etc., and accentuates it further by providing you an additional mobility feature. What it does not include is the excess area, which you might never need as well.

Check your energy bills

One of the best impacts of buying or building a tiny home on wheels is that it can save thousands of dollars on your utility bills. On average, every home pays more than $2000 on energy bills every year. But, with these small homes, you don't have to worry about this cost. Since you have less space to heat or cool, the consumption of energy will be comparatively very less. That means your savings will grow. Nowadays, eco-friendly homes are also available; you can buy one of them to lower your carbon emission.

Embrace financial freedom

Another benefit of living a simple life is that it creates less financial pressure on the homeowner. A large number of Americans spend about one-third or half of their earnings on their homes. As a result, nearly 76% of them have to depend on their monthly paychecks to bear the cost of buying a standard-size residence, which costs about $290,000 initially. However, the price further shoots up as you pay for interest rate, insurance, repairing, improvement, and maintenance. When you take a tiny home on wheels, it may charge you somewhere from $20,000 to $50,000. But there will be minimal repairing and maintenance cost for you to pay due to smaller space. Of course, there can be insurance and rental charges involved. Nevertheless, the savings will grow in the long run because of the elimination of other factors.

Free up your time with less maintenance work

The size of a tiny home is about eleven times lesser than any standard-sized home in the US. It means that much less amount of time you would need to spend on its upkeep as the total area will be a maximum of about 100 to 400 feet only.

It means if you want to live a simple life where you have plenty of time for yourself and savings too, then buying a tiny mobile home is a good idea. You will get many options to choose from, right from tumbleweed tiny house to others. So, don't worry about anything and take a plunge in this new, healthy trend.