wedding cars

It is not always easy to choose the perfect car for such a marked day. The same, which usually goes according to the style of the celebration, should not only be an object of pleasure for the guests but also functional for the couple.

According to All Transportation Network, more than 3,050 people, these are the most popular vehicles in weddings today; The first position falls on the safe bet: the classic car.

The 5 most popular models:

  • Classic cars
  • Horse cars
  • Sports cars
  • Limousines
  • Convertible

May the road be eternal like a vintage car

Most of the couples prefer to arrive at the church or the civil registry aboard a classic car and more women than men responded affirmatively to the question. A classic vehicle has to be more than 30 years old, and its vintage style is perfect for an event of this category since it allows the couple to go back in time. In addition, it is possible to add different colors and decoration that put the note of individual style in each wedding.

The most romantic journey in a horse carriage

The horse carriage is also a very popular choice as a means of transport at a wedding. 26% of the participants voted in favor of the carriage and may be due to the versatility offered by this type of vehicle. Likewise, the very character of the horse carriage gives the link a rustic, elegant, discreet and fairy-tale style, which makes it the perfect option for many.

Reach the altar in an elegant sports

The sports models are the most correct option for weddings with a modern touch in the city or in the countryside and were the favorite vehicle of 10% of the participants in the survey, most men, who opted for a Porsche or Aston Martin as a car for your wedding. However, going in a car with these characteristics will be an amazing experience for the couple.

Go to the ceremony in a limousine with a driver

A long and wide sedan with a driver. It does not matter if it is with friends or without them, the important thing is that the limousine offers a space large enough for many passengers, and can serve to start the celebration even before arriving at the ceremony. Thanks to its large space, this vehicle is ideal for brides with bulky dresses, which are often difficult to place in sports or classic cars. You can book Limousine from Yorkville Limo with driver for your wedding.

The convertible: calling attention as classic or sports

The same number that opted for the limousine, 9%, also thought of a convertible as the ideal vehicle for the big day. A convertible can be the highlight day, especially in the hot summer months. Models can be found for different tastes and styles, from vintage convertibles to modern sports cars, making it the best choice for any type of wedding.