a Reaper of Souls

Gamers have been playing through the world of Sanctuary ever since the release of Diablo 3 back on May 15, 2012. As it came out for the Switch on November 2, 2018, this breathes new life to the game.

If you happen to be one of the new players curious about this game, here are some Diablo 3 tips to help you through your journey in the world of Sanctuary and its eternal war.

1. Pick the Right Class for Your Playstyle

When you are looking at any of the Diablo 3 classes, pick the one that fits your playstyle. Do you prefer rushing into the thick of battle against hordes? Do you prefer ranged combat by means of arrows or spells?

Each class has the right toolset to help you mow down your enemies. You can experiment with what works well for you, or you can check out some Diablo 3 builds here. These class builds can give you an idea of what you to aim for in the endgame.

2. Pay Attention to Your Gear

Another thing to pay attention to is the gear that you have and the loot you pick up. Pay attention to the green and red triangles that appear on your stats. These can help you in figuring out how effective they can be in laying down punishment on your foes and keeping you alive.

Attack speed is also another factor if you lean towards that playstyle. However, that is also not the only thing you should look for with your gear. Some of the rarer items provide unique perks to your character like elemental bonuses.

3. It Gets Better With a Party

This is what makes the PC experience different with the Switch: Couch Co-op.

Whether it comes in the form of couch co-op or online play, it’s always fun to play with friends. That said, be ready for some scaled-up monsters. The game adjusts the difficulty to compensate for your advantage.

Try to stay together as much as possible for an easier time. Also, agree on when to open up the inventory as it puts both of you on pause.

4. Each Class Has a Priority Stat

To come in line with the very first tip, each class has a stat that they bank on to become an effective character. This becomes an important factor when building around the class.

Strength is a priority for Barbarians and Crusaders. For Demon Hunters and Monks, they focus on Dexterity. Meanwhile, Intelligence stands as the core stat for Witch Doctors, Necromancers, and Wizards.

This comes to play in finding the right gear and how you should boost your characters in the endgame.

5. Story, Adventure, or Season?

You might be unsure of what to pick for your first run in Diablo 3. If you are fresh to the game and this is your first time, playing through Story Mode is highly recommended to experience the world and the lore.

Once you have done that, Adventure Mode comes up. This is the part where the endgame comes to view with its challenges. This is the best mode to use when grinding up to level 70, a must when you have a Seasonal Character.

Whether you choose to play this on a custom-built PC or on the Nintendo Switch, prepare for a long but fun grind.
Follow These Diablo 3 Tips and Be the Reaper of Souls Today!

With some swift basics, dedication, and these Diablo 3 tips you'll have fun mowing through demons and hellspawn as you play Diablo 3. Go out there and rise against the evil hordes as the Nephalem of legend.

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