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We have shrunk the globe with modern air travel, which has given you access to the entire world. With our partners, we are revolutionizing your holiday experience by giving you trans global travel, themed specifically to your desires. To enlighten, relax or energize, we have 98% of the world covered, it’s all here for you. From a choice of 20 themes, choose the one that stimulates your senses, and see the world.

Architectural Hotspots

See and marvel at the world’s most amazing architectural hotspots from ancient Greece to Chicago’s art Deco. There’s Asian delights in Beijing and Italian Renaissance in Florence. This world experience takes you to 8 centers of architectural excellence, ancient and modern.

Ocean Escapes

Blue waters, soft sand and sunshine, for many this is perfect escapism. This world experience brings 7 of the most beautiful beach locations to you, relax in the sun or enjoy sea fishing, sailing, diving and much more. North, central and South America, Australia, Thailand and Portugal, for beach lovers this is paradise personified.

Natural Wonders

It could be said that nature produces for the wondrous site than man ever could. With our natural wonders’ world experience, you can look on in awe at nature’s own magnificence. The enchanting Northern Lights, the stunning Victoria Falls and The Great Barrier Reef will stun and amaze. Natural Wonders takes in 6 destinations designed to show nature in its powerful and mesmerizing brilliance.

Winter Wonderland Experience

Snow and ice in the bracing air are very much the theme of this world experience. Hunt king crabs in Kirkenes, take in the stunning views of the Swiss Alps. See the snow and ice sculptures in Sapporo, ride snowmobiles in Iceland and try ice climbing in the Canadian Rockies. The Winter Wonderland Experience takes in 6 stunning destinations and create a holiday never to be forgotten.

Wine Tasting

Whether you are a wine connoisseur, a would-be sommelier, or perhaps you just know what you like the wine tasting world experience is for you. Take this tour and Visit 7 destinations encompassing the world’s best-known wine growing regions. Old world traditional growers, steeped in their individual traditions, and the new world emerging regions that are producing exciting new vintages. Taking in 5 continents this is a very tasteful, learning experience for all wine lovers.

Sporting Hotspots

This world experience is a sports lover’s dream. Taking in 7 different locations across the globe, visit the greatest venues and experience the adrenaline rush of the world’s most popular sports. Football, ice hockey, horse racing, tennis, rugby, cricket and extreme sports, it’s all here, plus more. Add specific events to your itinerary, maybe formula 1 or the World Series. With this tour you can circumnavigate 5 continents and satisfy your thirst for sport.

Best Places to Photograph Around the World

Photography holds our memories of life, and our life experiences. Keen photographers are always looking for that perfect shot. Single frames can bring people and places alive; they can stimulate dreams and inspire achievement. With this world experience you will visit some of the worlds very best photo opportunities. From beautiful blue lakes, city skylines, lush green rain forests and neon lit night times. Whether you are a professional, or a keen amateur, with this tour and its 6 destinations will add unforgettable memories to your gallery.

A Romantic Journey

Romance is one thing in our world which will always be with us. Now with this world experience you can combine your own romantic thoughts with the world’s most romantic places. Visit 8 locations, including Paris, Venice, Istanbul, Phuket and Male. Starry nights, romantic dining, gentle waters lapping soft sand and wondrous sunsets. With this tour, Incurable romantics, young and old, can pledge their love, dream and romanticize in the world’s most beautiful places.

With 20 varying themes from which to choose, there is a world experience for everyone. The world is yours all in one fare, so see it now.