Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword, it’s a way of life that everyone all over the world should be following. Over the last decade, there has been a clear shift in mindset and momentum whereby people are becoming more conscious of their impact on society after years of industry and waste have caused society to be negatively affected by climate change and pollution.

We can all do our part to change the world in small and large ways by changing our habits and being mindful of how our actions shape the environment and today and the future. We have started to think about what we are going to leave behind for our children to ensure that we live in a symbiotic relationship with the natural world. Below we highlight several key ways that companies are making a difference in the world and producing sustainable products for a better tomorrow.

Solar power technology
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Electricity and what is required to produce it is now being viewed in a whole new light. There’s no longer a need to be reliant on the power network to distribute and create your own electricity. “Living off the grid” isn’t as difficult as it used to be as more and more companies offer solar power solutions.

Solar power uses the heat from the sun to create electricity that is just as adequately able to run an entire house or business, depending on your setup. Countries such as South Africa should view solar power as an even more attractive option due to the scarcity of electricity and rising costs. If you live in an environment with a lot of sun then this resource should definitely be used, and is being used, as a sustainable source of energy.


PRS Geotechnologies are now a prominent feature of the engineering world as this industry also turns towards sustainable and cost-effective solutions to suit a variety of needs. By using recyclable materials that last long and are not harmful to the environment, Geocells are changing the way we view the creation of roads and the stabilization of soil.

This green technology is now being used in over 75 countries and uses available resources to apply smart engineering to forest and logging roads, log yard stabilization, airport stormwater management, oil and gas exploration access roads, and a variety of other sectors that require sustainable solutions that have been overlooked for so long.

Biodegradable packaging
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Perhaps the most popularized push for sustainability has been brought on by the amount of single-use plastic that is wreaking havoc on our local environments. Most of the time, this comes from the overuse of plastic in package and other materials that do not degrade when they are thrown away. This leads to them existing in landfills and dumped in the ocean where they destroy natural environments.

One solution is the introduction of biodegradable packaging that disintegrates into the soil and is not harmful to the environment after it is disposed of. This is necessary as this packaging can also be manufactured to contain materials that can actually be beneficial to the soil and provide it with nutrients to help natural ecosystems grow.
Electric-powered cars
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Emissions from cars have for a long time been a major source of fossil fuels that promote climate change. For this reason, companies such as Toyota, with the Prius, BMW, with their i3, and most famously Tesla have been hard at work to create a solution and an alternative mode of transport that is not toxic to the environment.

There has been a lot of trial and error but we are now finally seeing their efforts paying off with many cars now available that do not harm the environment and are just as efficient as normal cars. While the technology improves, this provides us with hope for a future that doesn’t involve us driving gas guzzling machines. This could also mean clearer air and a hope that we will be exposed to much fewer toxic chemicals in our cities.

Eco-friendly clothing

The question is – what are we going to do with all this plastic that is in the ocean? One alternative solution is that this plastic is being recycled in such a way that it can now be made into clothing, offering a sustainable alternative to what clothes are regularly made of.

Many major football teams such as Manchester United and Real Madrid have adopted third and fourth kits that use these materials and raise funds to help clean up the environment. We can now begin to imagine a future where recycling becomes the norm and more effective ways of using unrecyclable materials to contribute positively to society rather than negatively.
Reusable everyday items
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While restaurants are inclined to give paper straws rather than plastic these days, you may have seen people bringing their own metal and glass straws to the table. This is but a snapshot of how reusable items are replacing single-use items that are causing so much harm to the environment.

The options are endless, and if you have the time and are dedicated to creating sustainable futures then it’s never been easier to succeed. Material shopping bags, silicon teabags and sandwich bags, bamboo cutlery and a wide variety of other everyday items now have a sustainable alternative that will introduce us to a brighter, healthier future where we keep our natural ecosystems clean and thriving.