Delivery Management software

What is delivery Management software:

E-commerce delivery management software is the software, which makes it easy for Delivery by managing, analyzing and tracking overall delivery operation.

Challenges in small business without using Delivery management software

A business owner can’t able to communicate, real-time status about delivery.

Customers can’t able to get real-time updates about the delivery operation so they can wait up to delivery, so we can’t able to get positive and good feedback from customers, purchase to delivery.

Managers or Admin need to maintain paper-based or manual based data information about agents so it will take too much time, cost and effort compared to automatic database management.

The business owner or Manager didn't get to know the exact vehicle location, root information, overall delivery time.

Managers will get a headache to analyze, the overall work report based on task completion and pending task, even if it's difficult to get different agents different tasks.

Delivery agents need to efforts too much to get the best and shortest route to the customer location, even he doesn't know how much time it takes to reach the destination point.

A manager can’t able to get the customer's signature and review for the proof of delivery, so he didn't get to know whether the Delivery agent completes the task or not if still, agents are pending some task means how much time he will take to complete it the task.

Managers or Admin can spend too much time, cost and effort on their business, so it affects directly to business production rate, performance and ROI of the business.

Nowadays every small business will adapt Delivery Management software to improve their production rate, ROI in minimum cost, time and effect. It will give endless benefits to their business, and it is necessary to survive in present-day competition. Here I explained some of the main reasons why small businesses should invest in Delivery management software.

Automatic workflow management with the streamlined process:

By DMS(Delivery management software), no need to manage paper-based or manual records to keep track of Delivery activities.

With DMS you can cut down the number of steps in the Delivery process like no need to manage the manual entry of delivery information in several steps. With DMS in mobile extension, you can easily integrate overall delivery operations with the delivery team from mobile devices only.

Real-Time Delivery agents tracking:

If you have 10 people or a number of Delivery agents making delivery operations. It became a challenge for Manager to monitor every delivery agent. So by using DMS Admin or Manager can get detailed information about the delivery process like, How many deliveries are done by agents, how many deliveries are pending, how much time agent will take to complete all deliveries with Driver/ Delivery boy information.

Improved Communication in Delivery operation:

By DMS it removes the communication gap between the entire delivery operation.
Delivery agents can get automatic notification about their task from the manager, with Location, route and time. So no need to maintain paper, pen-based addresses from the manager, Software can be able to send tasks automatically to responsible delivery agents with a location tracking map and the exact address of the customer.
Delivery route optimization

Delivery route optimization:

With DMS delivery boy will get an automatic GPS based best and optimized route from the current location to the customer location, and the route will display to the Manager, Delivery agents and customers, so customers and manager will get to know the exact location of delivery agents and how much time agent will take to complete the task. This is especially important when providing a chilled courier service as it is important for these products to be delivered quickly.

Route optimized option helps a delivery agent to make more deliveries in less time and effort, so overall delivery operation becomes fast.


Efficient Delivery order management:

DMS help to make delivery team life easier by the end to end visibility of delivery operation status.

So the Delivery team can be managed their delivery orders and assigned tasks based on priority. So no need to maintain any paper or manual based system to manage Delivery orders.

Enhance customer satisfaction:

With DMS customers can get automatic notifications about the delivery operation, like the Delivery agent's location, Time needs to reach our location, Reason for the time delay in delivery. So it helps customer to schedule their work according to delivery agents' arrival time, So it removes the customer waiting time for delivery agents.

After the Delivery also agents can get signatures from customers for the proof of delivery, even the manager can get notification message about task completion, Customer can able to give a review about the delivery operation and delivery agents, Manager will get to know about how the delivery operation is going on from agents based on these customer reviews. 

Reduce the Dependency on Delivery aggregators:

Most of the Retailer and business manager maintain delivery aggregators, depends on aggregators to make timely delivery and fulfil customer requirements. But these aggregates will take your part of the profit, you can keep all aggregators in DMS so help to reduce your profit loss.

No need for any external dependency agents for your delivery operation, you can manage entire your delivery operation within this app, you can also get a good grip on the entire delivery operation by real-time tracking and management software.

Analyze Defects:

Your business can’t be improved until you didn't track the overall performance of delivery operations. Using DMS managers can be tracked where and all delivery operations need to improve, where and all delivery taking too much time, which agents are taking too much time to complete the task and which agents are performing well.

Even the manager can identify the issue based on customer reviews also, so he can take action and new ideas about their business based on the review.

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