If you are planning for a vacation in Europe this spring, it is essential to design your travel wear accordingly. Spring in Europe or any country is always colorful and bright. 

The entire atmosphere is picturesque and quite vibrant. Jeans and T's might sound comfortable and the easiest and most versatile option.

However, Europeans are mainly known for their stylish fashion statements and very sophisticated everyday look. Nothing can suit the vibes of European Style statement better than a couple of trendy and fashionable dress.

Europe is primarily known for stunning Springtime flora and fauna, so it is a must to have a perfect dress to match the backdrop in all your Instagram good pictures.

Keeping with the trend of 2019, the best seven dresses to be included in your wardrobe for your Springtime trip to Europe includes –



They are very light, airy and often comes in millions of designs and prints. The best thing about a Jumpsuit is the ease of convenience and adaptability factor. You can run along the beaches or hike through the jungles at the same comfort as if you are dressed in a Jumpsuit.

How to Wear it: Team it up with a jacket for the formal or glammed up look or add a pair of funky sneakers for the sporty touristy look. There is a jumpsuit style for every possible scenario.

Black Lace Dress

Springtime trip to Europe
A classic little black dress seems so much more glamorous when created in lace. Dolce & Gabbana can’t get enough of this look in recent collections, and considerable variations abound at less expensive retailers like Zara and H&M, too. A girl needs an LBD for every trip because it is an ultimate evergreen rescue for any emergency.
  • How to Wear It: Keep it simple, with classic pumps and a ladylike bag. If you want to channel D&G’s glamorous take, add big statement earrings and deep red lipstick.

Adding silver or any bright and glittery clutch increases the quotient value of the dress further from simple to chic at a single stroke.

T-shirt dress

T-shirts are of course everybody's favorite attire when it comes to comfort clothing, but how about wearing a T-shirt or shirt dresses this Spring. They are comfortable and colorful to wear and look stylish at the same time, and therefore they make perfect Spring wear for any girl.

What is best about a T-shirt dress is that it looks equally good on a petite frame as well as someone will really long legs. Being loosely fitted around the waist, it accentuates the lower portion of the body rather than seeking uncomfortable attention on the upper side.

If needed, a simple belt along the waistline and a cool and funky well-tailored suede jacket can change it from casual to semi-formal within a fraction of a minute.

  • How to Wear it: T-shirt dress works best with Gladiator flats or Colored Sneakers. Team up a few funky bracelets and the Bohemian look for this Spring in Europe is complete.

 Full Sleeved Pencil fit knee length dress

Pencil fit dresses not only give an hourglass look but also has a very chic and sophisticated appeal about them. The full sleeves also give a taller look and an air of elegance. Dark colors in monochrome like violet, indigo, blood red, etc. suit these dresses the best. If your trip includes an itinerary of formal dinners and appointments, you need this.

Are you on for a party but have no time to change? There is nothing to worry at all. Simply add a sarong style skirt or scarf while rolling the lower section of the dress halfway through the thighs. In the end, the dress becomes a cool and chic top combined with a bohemian skirt, and the perfect party look is complete.

  • How to wear it: Team it up with an excellent metallic watch and Nude Pumps or White Wedges, and your look is complete.

Sleeveless maxi dress

Look effortlessly glamorous in a casual maxi dress to do everything from a day of errands to brunch with friends, to even an open date. The best part? While you’ll look great, you’ll also be entirely comfortable. They are free-flowing, light, and very light.

 Sleeveless maxi dress
Maxi dresses are completely suitable for any and every occasion. From beachwear to comfortable window-shopping time, anywhere and everywhere. In fact, if needed one can easily team it up with a jacket for the cool official formal look on the go.

  • How to Wear It: In the Spring, all you need to make this outfit work is a pair of chic gladiator sandals. When the weather is slightly more relaxed, pair it with ankle boots and a motorcycle jacket and the look is complete.

Off shoulder floral dress

Floral prints are the perfect representation of the moods of Spring Season. So, what better way to represent the mood than add a floral dress in the travel bag for the Europe trip? This season the entire collection of womenswear is about either off or cold shoulders. So, combining the two aspects in one Floral printed off shoulder dress looks like the perfect creation.

Currently, the extra added frills along the trim line of the dress is a hot trending fashion. This frill adds a bit of a volume and hides away small bumps along with the neckline and upper arm areas, thus making it a very good option if you have slight flabby sidelines.

  • How to Wear it: Minimal accessories and a simple wedge heel or platform work best with the dress. A medium sized brooch on the sleeved side of the dress accentuated the borderline of the off shoulders well too.


Mini Asymmetrical dress

Spring is all about fun and color. So why not have a bit of asymmetry in your clothing to garner attention from the onlookers? Asymmetrical patterns are in fashion this season and are perfect for knee length dresses.
Mini Asymmetrical dress
If you have a sewing machine and a good overlock machine at home, you can easily create an Asymmetrical Minidress at home from any of the Knee or full-length dresses in your collection.

As you take a walk through the London Boulevard or a ride through the Venice canal, the asymmetrically flowing dress will only make your photographs more stunning to look at.

How to Wear it: Minimal accessories and a simple block heel or platform work best with the dress. To make it a bit more exciting team it up with a beautiful colorful infinity scarf and you are good to go.

This Spring, let your dresses create a statement for the fashionistas as you explore Europe like a Diva.