Private Blog Networks

Are Private Blog Networks safe? This question doesn't have a black-and-white answer. To understand the complicated nature of the answer, you should realize what a private blog network is all about.

Know More about PBNs

A Private Blog Network is one with a network or a pool of websites owned by the same person. You can use this network to control the backlinks to your website and, therefore, improve the ranking of your website.

It starts with the domain. Many vendors help with the purchase of PBN domains. Expired/pending expiration domains are cheap, and many use them. Auction/drop-catching domains are strong but are expensive. It all depends on your ranking strategy and your competition. Whatever the method you use to create a PBN, there are some risks besides its many benefits. Unlike whitehat linking strategies, PBNs give you better command over the backlinks and thereby rank effectively. This is one of the prominent reasons that black/gray hat SEOs use this method.

PBNs, however, can be time-consuming and expensive to manage. You can use a resource like Private Blog Network to learn more about these methods' potential benefits and risks. We recommend doing your own research and deciding based on risk vs rewards. There are also chances of Google penalizing the site, and Google is getting better at detecting PBNs. So, what is the best alternative to avoid this? Go white, all the way!!

Don't build it, bait it!

The best way to get noticed is to create a design and write content that grabs the attention. If your content is lively and engaging, you will greatly improve your website traffic.

Nothing beats good design and content. Creating links to existing content is one thing. Creating content that attracts links, useful ones is another! This is what link baits are all about. Get your content so powerful that it will get noticed by other websites and push them to add links to your website. This can lead to a noticeable improvement in search engine rankings and traffic to your website.

Guest it out!

Guest blogging is a tricky concept,; if you get it right, you can end up with great website backlinks organically. According to Matt Cutts, the former head of Google's 'web spam' team, "if your website links to other sites that we consider low quality or spammy, that can affect your site's reputation."

If you use guest blogging to get backlinks, choose good quality bloggers and use unique and targeted content. Quality content always gets you the attention that your website deserves and eventually ranking in the SERPS.

Reach Out like a human!

Reaching out to top/robust websites in your niche to link out to you is called Outreach. Successful websites use influencer outreach, email outreach, and press outreach. Choosing credible and authoritative sites to link out to you will help you increase the quality of your backlinks. This will also improve the quality of traffic to your website, which will effectively help you capture the top spot.