Tennis Skills

There Is No Perfect Method Of Playing A Tennis Stroke, But There Are A Few Rudiments That You Can Implement To Advance Your Tennis Techniques.

1. Working on Your Forehand Grip

The method of how you grip your tennis racket is one of the most predominant aspects of a tennis game. Most professional players make use of the “continental” grip when doing serves or volleys. The easiest way to attain this grip is by picking up your racket and holding it as if you’re shaking someone’s hand. Your index finger’s knuckle must be on the top right angle of the racket. For doing groundstrokes, on the other hand, your most commonplace grip is the “semi-western grip. This is done by moving you’re the knuckle of your index finger to the bottom right angle of your racket. Most professionals use this grip as it divulges a much better amount of topspin on the tennis ball, giving the player more control and power.

2. Preparing In Advance for Groundstroke

Once you’ve determined where the ball will be bouncing, start moving your body into a position where you’ll feel most contended to play the shot. The higher your backswing, the more power you’ll be generating. The more complicated the swing, the more difficult things can get under pressure. Finding the right balance is making all the difference. You can build your own tennis ball machine to practice these strokes to further your game effectively. Another critical tip is to try using the other hand for supporting your racket when you draw it back. This will safeguard you following through and obtaining the right rotation, which can give you the edge with more power in your groundstrokes.

3. Keeping Your Head still when you’re playing

In the instance of you missing shots, try to focus on not moving or lifting your head when you’re playing a stroke. This means following the ball onto your racket and keeping your head still until the shot has been played. Making sure that your head remains still can improve the consistency of your game and improving your balance.

4. Practicing Tennis Ball Tosses

One of the most predominant issues that beginners struggle with when serving is their ball tosses. You can practice your ball tosses in a relatively easy way by having a bucket of balls and keep tossing the balls without actually hitting them. This should solve the problem. The ball must go straight up and down about eighteen inches in front of your prominent foot. This will provide your serve with forwarding momentum and improve your speed.

5. Try to Give Yourself More Slack during Matches

Tennis players can become over critical on themselves when missing shots, mainly if it is a shot that they generally make without any difficulty. If you happen to miss a relatively easy shot, just stay motivated and keep practicing your shot with the spot-on motion. Even if you miss the same shot again. It’s essential to keep at it and keep practicing the right action until it starts showing improvement.