dry shoes while camping
dry shoes while camping 

For camping, you would agree with me that shoes are one of the most important equipment. But often we neglect to take care of our camping shoes until our shoes stuck in any problem.

So, what is the most common shoe problem during camping time? Our research suggests that shoes getting wet is the most common one. But we do not get much information regarding this online. That’s why we provide you with a guideline on - how to dry shoes while camping. I hope this writing will help you with camping and other outdoor activities.

Before going to the main part of this writing, let’s know one essential topic.

What is Camping shoe?

Camping shoe is a special type of shoe used for camping purpose. There is some difference between regular shoes and camping ones. Camping shoes are lighter in weight, durable and have a spike to get better balance while doing outdoor activities. 

Let’s Discuss - How to dry shoes while camping

It is nearly the same technique whether you dry shoes during camping or in normal time. But this little difference in the method can make a massive difference while camping. In this writing, we will give you some tips on this. 

Firstly, Know the Construction of your camping shoes:

Mainly camping shoes are made with light fabric - synthetic or cotton. As they use light cotton for making those shoes, it takes less time in drying.

But the synthetic ones take more time than usual. For those, our suggestion will dry it when the sun gives massive rays or use fire to dry it.

Clean all the dirt from the shoe if possible:

It is normal to get dirt on your shoes while camping. Dirty shoes can create an impact on your mind and make your camping your worse.

So it is our specialist advice to clean all of these before drying. But if you have limited time, go for regular cleaning with clothes. 

Separate the individual parts of the shoe:

It is important to separate the parts such as shoe lays, insole, etc. of the shoe and then dry it. Most of the time, we tend to dry our shoes in whole by not insolating the parts. And that’s why it takes more time than usual. And more importantly, if you do not separate the parts, the insole will not dry properly. It will create a dump situation and bad smell. To get rid of these, separating parts can be a handy decision. But shoes such as Skechers go walk 3 has built-in antibacterial and odour-free material to protect your feet on the hard situation. You can take one to get rid of dampness.

So, in the camping time, there will be a limit of time; so for faster drying use this advice. 

Extract water from the shoe:

After separating the parts from the shoe, you need to extract as much water you can from your camping shoe parts. Do not use a lot of force to extract as it can damage your shoe. I tell you this extracting part is very important. If you do not go with this part, your shoe glue may get damaged sooner or later.

Find a suitable area for drying:

  • Do not neglect this part – while camping you will get open field or elevated area. Use those types of area for drying your clothes, shoe - anything. Sun rays can enter more frequently in the open or higher place so that you can dry your apparel vastly.

Choose the right time for drying your camping shoes:

  • We think everybody has knowledge about this point. The noontime is the best time for drying anything fastly. So, manage your time such that you can get free time for drying your shoes.

Drying methods – which one is right for me while camping:

There are two types of drying method available mostly. One is from sun heat and another one is drying in the fire.

Sun drying: Sun drying is natural and needs lees requirements. But you need to have minimum sun rays to process it. In a cloud environment, it is not that effective, especially at night.

For faster drying, sun heat is not a great solution. The drying progress will depend on the sun rays quality and also the time of the day. So, if you have time in the day period, it will be the best solution.

Fire Heat: For fire heat, you have to set fire to dry your shoes. Some experts recommend using fire at night for drying the essential apparels. Just set up fire slowly and hang up your boots at a little distance over and it will dry your shoes completely. You can take rest at night while doing this process.

For faster drying, fire heat is more suitable than the sun heat. You can increase or decrease the level of heating in this process to get your expected result. 

Final Words:

Camping is fun and sporty. Taking necessary precaution can make your journey existing and tension free. One of the needed precautions is already discussed here. If you have any further issue regarding camping, you can tell us freely. We will help to fix your issue and if needed we can make content on that also.