DUI Case

If you’ve been charged with a drunk driving offense and think it was wrongfully done, there are ways to defend yourself from the case and avoid repercussions, such as probation for a DUI or jail time. Finding a good layer is one of them, and being aware of your options is another.

Know what defines impaired driving.

Impaired driving, or driving under the influence (DUI), is when police believe your driving ability is affected by alternative sources such as drugs or alcohol. The impairment is based on the judgment of the police rather than the final number on a probable breathalyzer test, which is usually based on the level of blood alcohol in your system. However, a test such as this lacks accuracy depending on an individual. For example, you can be below the blood alcohol concentration and deemed intoxicated but, because of your own alcohol tolerance, still show signs of losing control.

Defend yourself

To start, find yourself a reputable lawyer, such as Shure & Associates, LLC, in Louisville. Lawyers skilled in fighting DUIs can help you by entering a plea deal or assisting you in pleading to a lesser charge of careless driving, which doesn’t lead to a criminal record. A lawyer can also take different defenses, depending on where your account occurred. Laws such as the “Last Drink” or “Two Drink” defense can help your case. Or perhaps if a constitutional right was violated upon arrest, that can also be used to help defend you.

Defending yourself can also look into how you were detained or a search and seizure were executed. If any of these actions were don’t not accordingly to the proper procedures, that could help with your defense against your DUI case. For example, an unreliable breathalyzer test or possible medical condition can be part of defending your case. Essentially any discrepancies are points a lawyer can use to make a case.

Another helpful note is the police testimonials themselves. If the police officers are conflicting reports of how impaired you were, it can also work in your defense. For example, if one police officer states you were very impaired while the other state you were impaired but had control, you can defend yourself.

Cases against drunk driving are complicated as there are many technicalities in place, but that is also where the opportunity to defend yourself comes into play. If the procedures and processes done to execute your arrest were not to the standards of proper police conduct, a competent lawyer can help you fight that case. In most cases, this can assist in having your case dropped, help you win the case, or have your charges lesser charge.
So, next time you see yourself caught up in a possible DUI case, find yourself a lawyer. Check here http://www.duila.com/. When finding a lawyer, hire one that can help you thread through the case, find possible open points and defend your case. A skilled lawyer should be able to identify the gaps and put a case together quickly, so you can get your case defended sooner rather than later.