Cryptocurrency is making a buzz among the investors for quite some time, but the digital assets finally came into the role in 2017 with a worth of $1000. Here we are providing complete details about this business following by a buying guide. So without wasting another minute know how to buy Cryptocurrency and fill your wallet.

The craze of buying this virtual currency reached the pick by the end of 2017. Even several people have mortgaged their expensive stuff to buy digital currency. Its actual value is quite unpredictable so that you can give it a try, or we may say try your luck once. But having a buying guide in your hand always helps. So, have a look below.

Here you go!

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are the virtual currency that you can buy, sell or trade. You can have these currencies by exchanging some real money. Is it worth it? Well, the answer varies from person to person. Some people find it worthless, but several are there who find it worth of buying.

However, you can even buy products like cars, foods, beers, etc. with a cryptocurrency. But you must select the one currency before purchasing the same. Yes, it has several forms. Look below for the full scoop!

Types of Cryptocurrencies
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum Classic
The most popular and valuable one is bitcoin. So we will suggest you buy Bitcoin. But first of all, you must have some details about the bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate, and it differs from the regular U.S. dollars. So there is nothing like a central authority, the blockchain is the king here. Blockchain records all the transactions to maintain transparency in the financial system.

Now you know the fundamentals of Cryptocurrency. It's time to learn how to buy Cryptocurrency.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency?- The Buying Guide

If you know any people who are using marketplaces, you can buy it there. Else, you can take the help of a broker or a virtual currency exchange like Bitstamp, Coinbase, Gatehub, and Kraken.

Coinbase has gained massive popularity and became the largest U.S. cryptocurrency exchange. So, for the first time, you can try Coinbase as it is user-friendly also.

Anyway, you have to have a wallet to buy, and a place to store the digital currency. Alongside, your wallet will store a private key that will allow you to roam over marketplaces. A 256-bit string- the secret number will be stored in your secret place. Whenever you go for a transaction, you have to put the private key and the secret number to continue.

Now choose a broker or the market place and proceed with the following steps to buy Cryptocurrency.
  • At first, visit a third-party wallet provider's website like Coinbase, MyCelium, or Then sign up with your email id and password
  • Next, you have to create a wallet. In the case of software, wallet download the app from the store
  • Now, you must visit the digital exchange site you have selected previously to register with your details for the exchange
  • After you register, you must link your bank account to pay for the cryptocurrency purchase
  • Finally, go to the buy section to choose your wished amount of the Cryptocurrency, and hit the purchase button
That's all! You are done with the purchase now. Keep buying and storing your digital currency from time to time. Once the price gets hiked, sell your wealth in marketplaces and earn more!