AI Giving Rise to Millions of Jobs

Flustered about keeping pace with Artificial Intelligence progressing at a lightning fast speed? See how AI Certifications can save your career from drowning.

The job zone is going to experience a massive hit by machines along with algorithms that are expected to generate almost 133 million brand new roles all around the world. According to a report by the World Economic Forum, by 2022, around 75 million job functions will be displaced. All of this means that AI has the potential to give rise to 58 million net latest jobs in the years to come.

With this steep increase in the number of AI jobs, there is going to be a significant movement in the location, quality as well as the persistence of these new job roles. It has been anticipated that organizations will hire contractors for fulfilling their specialized tasks & use remote staff.

Artificial Intelligence – Affecting the Global Workforce

The workforce worldwide is going to be influenced by AI pervading the business realm. As if now, 71 % of the tasks are undertaken by humans, but this is going to change. Believe it or not, by the years 2025, most of the work is predicted to be done by machines.

Going by a survey of strategy executives and chief human resources officers from over three hundred organizations across twelve industries along with twenty emerging economies, approximately 54% of professionals are required to hone their skills in order to survive in the business world which will be invaded by Artificial Intelligence in the near future.

Out of all the companies that were surveyed, just half of them are planning to train their staff members and that too the ones who are holding eminent positions. Moreover, nearly 50% of the organizations are ready for their workforce to shrink as a result of automation. While 40% have plans of retaining their worker and 25% waiting for AI to give birth to new roles.

The Soaring Demand for Artificial Intelligent Professionals

With AI technologies being integrated into the working structure of corporations, it would be beneficial for people to upskill and gain knowledge of this discipline that revolves around machines imitation human intelligence and behavior.

Artificial intelligence is divided into three disparate categories – Humanized, Human-inspired and analytical. The humanized aspect of AI can be said to have maximum layers. It not only involves cognitive but also deals with the emotional and social elements.

Now, you can imagine with technology advancing to a level where machines can learn from past experiences to predict the future and reason to self-correct themselves, how essential it has become to build your skills around the upcoming technologies. What I am trying to convey is that becoming an Artificial Intelligence Professional is the best career move that you can make.

Certification to Earn an AI job

You must wonder how to build your understanding of this vast, complex subject. Market trends show that there is a sharp elevation in the demand for AI certifications. Which indicates that many professionals are finding credentials to be beneficial in creating a career in Artificial Intelligence.

To tell the truth, industries like mining and IT are going to cut back on job roles, nevertheless, organizations in professional services will have sufficient jobs to offer and will prefer hiring people holding relevant AI Certifications.

If you are fortunate enough, your company will provide you with training to reskill yourself. Which only makes sense since companies cannot leverage AI tools to get better solutions to problems without having a workforce that is ready for this transformation.