criminal lawyer

Law and order exist because crime and riots are happening all over the world! From theft, accidents, drug abuse to personal injury, there are several such instances where you need to take the assistance of a criminal lawyer. One of the prominent areas that you should be careful about is weapon offense.

The regulations applicable for weapon offense might vary from one place to the other! However, if you or anyone you know has been charged with this offense in the federal or state court, it is essential that you take legal help. Else, you or your dear one might have to encounter severe criminal penalties. It is a smart call to get in touch with a criminal defense lawyer who can help you to combat the charges levied against you. To know more about this, you can get in touch with Edmondbrown.

Role of the criminal lawyer in weapon defense

An expert criminal lawyer will work on your weapon offense legal issue by investigating all the pros and cons. Also, he/she has the expertise and reasoning to question the evidence put forward by the state or federal court. Your attorney will let you know about all the situations where you can be charged with a weapon offense. The well-known ones are as follows:
  • Illegal carrying of a weapon, openly or in a concealed way in a place where it’s prohibited.
  • An illegal transfer of weapons, i.e. a situation that involves selling firearms to a child, known convict or an intoxicated person.
  • Smuggling of firearms in a place where you should not
  • Acquiring weapons by making use of false claims and statements for a prolonged time

Once you know about these areas that claim weapon offense, you can be better prepared for the future, even if for some reason you lose the legal battle. Several individuals still don't understand the severe after-effects that legal penalties can bring for any weapon offense. For example, anyone carrying a weapon in a school might face harsh penalties that might include jail time in state prison for up to 10 years. If you purchase a gun from a criminal, that can result in federal prison for ten years as well. Hence, it is essential to know the pros and cons of weapons offense so that you don't knowingly or unknowingly commit the crime.

Areas of specialization

When you get in touch with a criminal defense attorney, you can expect the attorney to be equipped about all the facets of weapon offense and its law. He/she will take up your case if it has to do with anything associated with the following clauses:
  • Illegal weapon use
  • Making use of a false firearm
  • Weapon trafficking
  • Discharging a weapon
  • Hoarding weapons for a long time
  • Owning unauthorized guns
  • Owing to any prohibited weapon
  • Making use of a gun in the commission of a crime
However, it is essential to resort to an able criminal attorney when faced with a weapon offence. You can research online and choose the best name in the business. Before you take the final decision, make sure to read about the attorney and also check the feedback, testimonials, and online reviews. That will give you a reality check.