Gift Wrapping Mistakes
Gift Wrapping Mistakes

In our life, several occasions like birthday, wedding, and holidays come when we present a gift to our close one. Before presenting the gift, we have to wrap it well.

Most of us take gift wrapping very simple, as we see it just like a ribbon wrapped product. You know it makes no sense to the occasion on which you are going to present a gift. It happens, as you makes several mistakes while wrapping a present for an occasion like Mother’s Day. Here are some common mistakes you are making while wrapping gifts:

No use of proper surface

In general, people like you have no specific area for wrapping gifts. Therefore, most of you have to go here and there to look for something when you need during the wrapping period. The best you can do here is that you should create your own space before you start wrapping presents. With this, you will put all the essentials there and escape yourself from wandering here & there.

Use of dull scissors and other tools

In wrapping a present, you need varied tools like scissors. Some of you do not look at the condition of the tools before using the same. You know dull scissors will create problem while cutting the wrapping paper. In place of having a clear long cut, you will have pieces of paper. Therefore, you should collect good tools and place the same in your created wrapping area.

Forget to personalize the gift

If you don't give your gift a unique feel, then often the thoughtful nature of your present is lost. It can show that you haven't spent much time deciding what to get the recipient, which won't represent you well. With this in mind, you should think about a number of ways of making your gift unique to the person you are giving it to. This could be through personalised ribbon, labels or stickers giving it a simple personal touch that will make the recipient appreciate your idea more.

Using only one pair of scissors

You know sharp scissors sometimes don’t work well on wrapping paper with foil glitter accents. In the beginning, they cut the paper well, but go blunt or cut pieces of paper instead of a long clear cut. You can have problem if you have a pair of scissors in your wrapping area. To make your gift wrapping task more comfortable, you should have the required tools in more than one in number.

Wrong type of tape

Usually, most of you have no clear idea what type of tape you should use for the wrapping purpose. Standard clear tapes are better than all others. With the use of clear tape, your present item will have a clear finish.

Leaving access paper on the package box

Ideally, you should use the wrapping paper just to cover the gift item. Any access usually at the end of corner can leave a bad impact. You should trim the access paper off before finalizing the wrapping of presents.

Struggling with the shape

The shape is where a present box or bag comes in handy. However, you need to take care of the presentation. If you are using a box, select the one, which is closer to the exact size of the present. Ensure having pads around the gift in the box to protect it from any damage if your gift item has any possible risk. In every case, finish the packaging of the box with a beautiful tag line on personalized labels. It will boost the charm of your gift box.

Forget to mention the receiver and presenter names

On any occasion, a large number of guests are invited, and all of them present a gift to the person with whom the celebration is associated. Therefore, it is hard for the receiver to know what present he has received from a person like you. To make your present stay linked with you until the package is open, you should mention your name apart from the receivers.

Use of wrong paper

Cheap wrapping paper can be friendly for your wallet, but it can get damaged soon during the process of gift wrapping. Highly luxury or artisanal wrapping papers can too be hard to work with, as you will find difficulty to crease or fold them while wrapping your gift item. You should use a mid-range option for making the entire process smooth.

Bottom line

Wrapping the gift plays a pivotal role in making the present value for the receiver on holidays or any special occasion. By using the right tools and other essential times, you can easily get rid of all hassles normally your face. And your personal touch to the wrapping of the present will surely make your close one to recall you when he or she will have a look at your present and will think about how careful you are. He/she will be thankful to you for you.

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