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Getting Braces? Here’s The Guide

Getting Braces
Getting Braces
So your dentist has suggested the braces. It is completely okay. You are not alone around four million American are sharing the same boat with you. You might be flooded with hundreds of thoughts about your braces. Chill! Here, you will get rest to all your curiosity.

Braces are very common these days and its benefit has made it very cool. Besides, there is no age limitation for braces; you will see people wearing braces at every age. Also, the dentist facility has become easily accessible. For Instance, if you search for a dentist near me in Indianapolis, you will get many good options right in your neighborhood.

One of the experts in the US dental world Dr. Deept Rana in his 14 years of career has seen multiple nervous patients afraid of braces. He says that braces are as common as spectacles so people should not worry about it anymore.

Let’s start with your questions

Why do you need Braces?

Braces improve the crooked teeth, overbites, underbites, improper jaw position, and jaw joints disorder. So if your dentist has asked you to get one, you might be having any of these mentioned problems. Braces are one of the most effective ways to make your smile as beautiful as you.

In case, you have second thoughts about braces. Conditions like tooth decay, gum disease, headaches, earaches, speech difficulty, biting and chewing difficulty are some of the common problems that occur when you don’t treat your oral problems.

What would be the process of getting braces?

The process is simple and takes around an hour or two to be completed. It doesn’t matter if you pick cheap orthodontic braces the process remains the same. Let’s say, you have crooked teeth. Your process will start with adding spacers to your back teeth to make space to put rubber bands in between your teeth. By doing so, it will create space for the metal ring, which will be wrapped around the back molar. It takes around a week or so for properly getting wider. Sometimes, you might feel a little pain but, soon it will fade.

In your next appointment, the dentist will attach brackets to your teeth. You might feel a little pressure and pinch in this process. Also, the disgusting taste of glue will be experienced as the brackets are being attached. Now, a U shape wire is placed into your braces that tighten or loosen based on your needs. Moreover, you get to choose the band color for your braces.

What it feels like after wearing braces?

Initially, you might feel sore pain in your mouth. Your orthodontist will instruct you about the eating habits and, its don’ts. So ensure to follow the regime without fail for proper and timely curing. After a few days, you will be allowed to go back to your daily eating habits except for a few restrictions like caramel, a whole apple, popcorn and a few more based on your braces type.

What is the aftercare?

Complete oral cleaning is essential after the braces. Brushing, Flossing, and mouthwash help in maintaining oral hygiene. Brush your teeth after every meal. It helps your teeth to stay healthy and ensure no food particle gets trapped in between your teeth or cavity. Also, sufficient brushing protects your teeth from decalcification, which appears like a white spot on your teeth. Flossing is also recommended for keeping your gum areas clean.


These are some of the major queries that you might have. Hope it satisfies your curio. Remember brace is necessary to keep your smile perfect for long. Your braces will go away with time but, your smile will last forever. So stop worrying and get in touch with your dentist to get that picture-perfect smile.

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