Home hazards
Home hazards
Most of us think that our homes are safe havens where we can stay protected from all of the potential hazards that the world outside can throw at us. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. If you’ve noticed that you seem to be suffering allergic reactions in your home, with streaming eyes, itching, a runny nose, and wheezing, the culprit may lie inside your property rather than outside it. Here are four things inside your home that could harm your well-being. 

Lead Paint

Lead paint has long been known to be damaging to human health. It can harm child development and the nervous system, blood cells, kidneys, and brain, so it has been a widespread concern among older people. Homes constructed before 1978 probably contain some lead paint since the restrictions and laws preventing its use in construction projects weren’t adequately enforced until the 1990s. If you’re residing in an old property, especially one with chipping and peeling paint, it’s essential to call a professional to inspect your home and treat it for lead.


Many of us don’t think about how mold could affect our health; however, if you spot those telltale spores growing on your ceilings, walls, attic, basement, or crawl space, you could have a mold problem damaging your well-being. Mold spores can be very harmful to your home’s construction, which can eventually be broken down by mold damage and your health. Mold spores can irritate your lungs and cause respiratory problems, which can be hard to live with. In severe cases, and for those with compromised immune systems, mold can be hazardous and cause serious health concerns. For large expanses of mold, a professional will be required to clean it up and ensure that the danger is removed. However, for small areas of mold, some bleach or special cleaning agents should do the trick. Once the mold is removed, preventing it from returning is essential. A dehumidifier is the best solution to remove the excess moisture from the air so that mildew and mold can’t take hold. Visit this page for more information about choosing the right dehumidifier to suit your property’s needs.

Cleaning Products

You probably think you’re doing the right thing by using cleaning products to clean your property. However, you might be surprised to learn that, in fact, many cleaning agents that we buy in stores can cause health problems like breathing difficulties, headaches, and eye irritations. When we are exposed for extended periods to the toxins and fumes that chemical cleaning products produce, we can even develop some forms of cancer. Organic cleaners are a much better solution as they are safer for your health. You should also take suitable precautions such as diluting the product properly, opening the windows during use, and wearing gloves. You should also only use the amount recommended on the product’s label to protect yourself fully.

Your Air Conditioning System

Lots of people forget about their home’s HVAC system, especially when it comes to giving their home a spring clean. However, it’s important to remember that the system that cools and heats your property often leaves water inside the ducts, becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. The microbes become released into the air whenever you switch your HVAC system on, resulting in breathing problems, coughing, headaches, and allergies. You should take care to regularly clean your air conditioning system yourself and also arrange for a professional to come and thoroughly service and clean your entire system at least once annually.

If you pay close attention to these four things in your home that could be making you ill, you and your family should find that you and your family feel much healthier when spending time indoors. By eliminating some of the pollutants and contaminants found inside our own four walls, we can breathe more easily and suffer from fewer allergies and other related problems that can make our lives miserable.