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6 Data Science Certifications That Will Pay Off

data science certifications

Data scientists are one the most sought after professionals today. Data science, in fact, is continuously evolving and opportunities are increasing, as more companies are moving towards data-driven decision making. This is simultaneously increasing competition as well. 

In this scenario, taking data science certifications will give you an edge and make you stand out in the competition. On top of this, certifications are a good way to back up your skills and let hiring managers know the skills you have.

There are several options available for data science certifications. Based on your convenience, you can go for online or in-house certification. If you’re a recent grad or an experienced professional, you can go for university accredited certifications or industry accredited certification. Whatever your choice, you can choose from the below options.

Top data science certifications to get going.

Applied AI with Deep Learning, IBM Watson IoT Data Science Certificate

This is a one week course meant for professionals with experience looking to acquire advanced skills in analytics. To get started you will need experience in coding, preferably Python, and math skills like linear algebra. The course is offered through Coursera. Once certified, this certification doesn’t expire.

Associate Certified Analytics Professional

This is an entry-level analytics course. This is meant for people who haven’t started their career yet. Educational background in analytics or related discipline is required. Those who are looking to start their career in analytics are ideal takers for this.

Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)

This certification promises aspirants to help them turn complex data into logical and actionable insights-- everything a data scientist needs to do. This is a little more advanced course. Before you move on to this, you can take entry-level aCAP (Associate Certified Analytics Professional).

DASCA (Data Science Council of America)

The Data Science Council of America Offers two data scientist certifications—SDS ( Senior Data Scientist) and PDS ( Principal Data Scientist ). Both certifications require mandatory experience in big data analytics or engineering. At least six years of experience is required for SDS and ten or more years of experience is needed to take PDS certification. As you might guess, these are meant for senior professionals working in analytics domain.

Dell technologies Data Scientist Associate ( DCA-DS)

This is again an entry-level certification for those who are looking to start a career in data science or switch to data science. This exam is designed for those without a background in machine learning, statistics, math or analytics. This certification is a requirement for advanced certifications offered by Dell, like Data Scientist Advanced Analytics Specialist (DCS-DS).

SAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professional

To take this certification, you will need at least six months of experience in analytics or using mathematics or statistics in a business setting. Experience with SAS or any other programming language is needed to pursue this course. The program covers machine learning, predictive modelling, big data, pattern recognition, and other frequently used data science techniques. This includes nine courses and three exams that need to be cleared to earn the designation.

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