Drawing Room

The wall stickers in XL sizes become regular to hit the online inventory to entice people. This type of wall sticker helps a busy wife to dress up the room within minutes. Especially, to keep all dirty spots and cracks in the focal area of the wall of the drawing room, the wallstickers are mainly easy-to-install artifacts for her to give a decent look to the living room to entertain a small group of VIPs in the evening. So, use 5 best wall sticker ideas for restoring living room. Sohu Shop is reliable to online buyers who like to buy the custom wall stickers and classic decals.

XL Size Wall Stickers

The wall stickers in XL size are not rare. These adult height wall stickers are founded in either in vertical or horizontal shape. The advantage of pasting XL wall stickers is that the defective area of the interior wall is handled by using the exuberant XL size wall stickers. Choose different wall stickers which are theme based. For instance, large glossy fruit images on the colorful application layer of the wall sticker must enrich your guests. Natural hues of attractive apples, oranges, blueberries and banana reflect in sunlight. Children like fruits and these vertical shaped wall stickers enliven your drawing room.

Make Your Living Room Sportive with Wall Stickers

Living rooms decorating ideas are varied. When 80 percent people incline towards classic art to design the drawing room, few elegant youngsters search for the adventure and exploration. The living room should be designed with wall stickers containing different sporting materials. The image of world famous sports personality can be pasted on the wall to enthuse kids. Living room will glitter with attractive wall stickers based on sports world.

Repositionable Wall Stickers

The pressure sensitive issue is often giving pain to newcomers who have a large number of junior family members. The wall stickers with strong adhesive are not removed comfortably. The repositionable wall stickers are convenient for newbie who are interested to reuse their wall stickers. See, when you have rare expensive wall stickers for home décor, you must not destroy the images. The repositionable wall stickers are transferable from living room to bedroom or any other place. So, it is cost effective to economical homeowners. At the online gallery, you will get latest repositionable wall stickers and decals. Check and buy the best wall stickers for faster living room decoration.

3D Wall Stickers for Living Room Décor

With the turn of 20th century into 21st Millennial, the ideas of wall décor are being grilled in scientific reflection. 3D technology is undoubtedly boosting up the printing industry. The ultra-modern wall stickers in 3 D format are impressive. The colors on 3d texture seem to be realistic and powerful to attract viewers. For living rooms, collect the special 3D wall stickers which have wonderful theme based images. For instance, few latest 3d wall stickers are based on comic book. On interior walls, the comic series are depicted artistically. Living room has dynamic presentation and innovative look.

Prioritize VOC Free Wall Stickers for Living Room

Avoid VOC to make your living room free of germs, and bacteria. Your children should have cool fresh air which has no dirty elements like VOC component. Therefore, at the time of using wall stickers for upgrading wall décor, the emphasis should fall on the VOC resistance for life security.

Finally, biodegradable ultra-thin wall stickers must be useful to any of homeowners who need to live in hygienic ambience. For living room décor, try to select the best wall stickers which are easy to paste and transfer.