Summer Bucket List Done

As the winter weather finally fades to better temperatures, you're probably looking forward to some time outside. If you're like many others, the number of activities you're looking forward to trying to cram into this summer is immense.

In fact, it could be too immense. It could be hard to get through if you're as busy as most Americans.

The nice weather only lasts so long, and our lives don't stop just because the sun is out. It can be more difficult to get through everything on your summer bucket list than you initially anticipated.

That doesn't mean it's impossible, however. Starting a bucket list is a great idea to enrich your life. And with the right strategies in place, you can get through all or nearly all of the tasks at hand.

Impossible? Never! Read on and we'll teach you how to make it possible for you.

1. Set Yourself up for Success

Being able to complete your bucket list will depend on the steps you take to start it. Some of these tips might sound obvious, but you'll be surprised how many people ruin their summers by starting things out on the wrong foot.

First things first, get your list down on paper. Yes! You'd be shocked how many people try to keep their whole list in their head without ever writing it down. This is an easy way to end up disorganized and eventually disappointed.

Having your list written down will help you keep track of things you've done or have yet to do. It'll allow you to easily reference summer goals you're looking forward to. It'll help you squeeze more into your packed few months.

Keep it somewhere where it's easily accessible. Pin up to your wall or the back of your door where you'll see it every morning. That way you won't let it fall to the wayside.

Don't overstuff your list initially. If your goals are overflowing onto multiple pages of paper, it might be time to let a few less than vital things go. It's okay to have a busy somewhere but keep yourself in the realm of reality.

Otherwise, you'll just stress yourself out later on. Putting something impossible on your list is likely to just cause you undue guilt when you can't accomplish it.

Having a tight bucket listen written down and displayed can help you begin our next essential tip... 

2. Practice Prioritization

To have everything written down isn't quite enough when it comes to organizing your bucket list. If you really want to power through those items, consider prioritizing them.

Which items on the list are MUST must do's? Which ones would be not all that heartbroken to let go? If you allow yourself to be honest, a few clear bullet points should stick out from the list.

Consider re-writing your list so that these items are at the top. This way you know what to aim for. If these items require planning or organizing, you'll know how to get an early start.

Practising prioritization can help you get the most out of your summer bucket list and ensure you get to the tasks that you care the most about. 

3. Start Scheduling

We're so adept at scheduling our work life and responsibilities. But we never apply these same strategies to the more enjoyable aspects of our lives. This may be because the act of scheduling in and of itself can feel like work.

But if we allow ourselves to schedule our 'fun' in, there's much less of a chance of it getting pushed to the wayside.

Look at the priority items at the top of your bucket list. Now, look at your summer calendar. When are you going to do them? Start marking out dates and tell yourself you're going to stick to them.

You'll be flexible, of course. But committing to a date help makes these plans more real and tangible. They have much less of a chance of being buried under additional work or plans.

Scheduling in this way also allows you to take the small steps you need towards your larger goals. If you plan to fly to Canada at the end of July, that means you need to buy tickets this upcoming weekend.

Put both on your calendar. If you have to buy tickets this weekend, it makes your potential trip all the more real. Without this sense of commitment, it's very easy for you to fail to accomplish what you want the most. 

4. Don't Forget to Enjoy Yourself!

We can put so much work into planning our free time that we forget why we're doing it in the first place: to enjoy ourselves! It can be stressful balancing logistics, but once you actually get to the beach, remember to close your eyes and take it in.

Not all tasks on your summer bucket list will be for pleasure. You might need to buy new clothes for the kids, or hire professionals like those from this company to protect your home from pests.

Luckily, the same tips and tricks can be applied to all sorts of tasks. The important thing is that you take the time to write them down, prioritize, and execute. 

The Perfect Summer Bucket List

We all have busy schedules. As such, it can be difficult to find the time to get through a summer bucket list. With the above tips, you'll be better equipped to use time wisely and execute your list with ease.

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