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10 Greatest Football Matches of All Times

Greatest Football Matches of All Times

Football has witnessed some of the most significant events in history. It’s also given rise to popular betitng platforms like Betway. There are more people trying out Betway than ever before, perhaps because Betway football betting helps them get some amazing rewards.

Here is one such list of the 10 best football matches of all times.

1. Brazil 4 Italy 1, World Cup Final 1970

Both the sides were attack-minded as they proved to be a strong force on the final stage of the game. Pele proved to be a strong player as he led Brazil to the victory. Carlos Alberto earned the ultimate goal. It remains a favorite among many Betway players.

2. Liverpool 3 AC Milan 3 (3-2 ON PENS), Champions League Final 2005

After recovering from loss from a 3-0 in Istanbul, Liverpool won the fifth edition of Champions League. An astounding three goals were earned in just 5 minutes by Steven Gerrard, Xabi Alonso and Vladimir Smicer. With an additional two saves in penalty round, Liverpool won.

3. Blackpool 4 Bolton 3, FA Cup Final 1953

Blackpool recovered from a previous loss of 3-1 when Stanley Matthews made a second goal bringing the Tangerines back into the game. After Stanley, Stan Mortensen made a hat-trick by taking advantage of the free kick. Bill Perry earned the final goal.

4. England 3 Hungary 6, International Friendly 1953

Shocked by the first defeat on their home soil by Magnificent Magyars, England was defeated by a hat trick made by Nandor Hidegkuti followed by Ferenc Puskas. The last two goals were added by Jozef Bozek, making it a historical defeat for England.

5. Real Madrid 7 Eintracht Frankfurt 3, European Cup Final 1960

A fifth win in the European Cup Final, players Di Steffano and Puskas gave them 4 goals within the early stage of the game. While they took the lead, the game ended with Frankfurt's two goals in consolation.

6. Benfica 5 Real Madrid 3, European Cup Final 1962

The Portuguese ended the monopoly of Real Madrid in this tournament by beating the hat trick made by Ferenc Puskas in the early stage of the game. They took away five goals in the second half led by Eusebio from penalty shootouts.

7. Italy 4 West Germany 3, World Cup Semi-Final 1970

Player Karl-Heinz Schnellinger struck an equalizer for injury resulting in extra-time. While Germany sprang into action, it was a cut to cut gameplay resulting in Gianni Rivera taking away the fourth goal.

8. West Germany 3 France 3 (5-4 ON PENS), World Cup Semi-Final 1982

In between controversy and sheer drama as Herald Schumacher escaped punishment from foul, France led the game till the second half. In the later stages, Schumacher’s decisive save made them recover from their 3-1 loss in 1970.

9. France 1 Brazil 1 (4-3 ON PENS), World Cup Quarter Final 1986

France outweighed Brazil during the penalty shootout after a tie. It was because of Julio Cesar who hit the post that the European champions France could beat Brazil.

10. Manchester City 3 QPR 2, Premier League 2012

The Man City entered the final game of the season only to experience an end-to-end encounter by QPR. Sergio Aguero’s last-minute struck ended in Man City taking away the trophy.

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