There are several things one can look forward to during a holiday in Greece. The sights, the sceneries, as well as the history and culture. Holiday-goers usually put accommodation last of their worries but we’re telling you now that it shouldn’t be the case. Ditch moldy hotels and creaky inns, and go for a luxury villa in Greece instead!

The place where you’re going to stay has a big impact on how enjoyable and relaxing your trip would be. First, it should be spacious, comfortable, and lavish. Greece exudes indulgence and you have to take advantage of this by renting a wonderful place, and if you’re looking for recommendations, a villa in Zakynthos to be exact.

Zakynthos, an island paradise off the coast of the Ionian, is a traveler’s dream. It is also known as Zante and boasts natural and historical wonders that will surely sate your thirst for adventure and discovery. It also hosts some of the most majestic villas in the country including Artina Villa.

There are a number of reasons why you should stay at a Greek villa during your stay in Zakynthos. Read on if you need more convincing.

 A different level of comfort

Staying at a villa in the Greek islands is a unique level of experience compared to checking at traditional accommodations. You can expect utmost comfort in all areas — privacy, security, and space. The size of the property is enough to move around, there’s always a guard on duty to protect you at all times, and must-have privacy from pedestrians and people who can ruin your stay — usually encountered at the typical hotel.

World-class service

You can expect topnotch service from arrival until departure when you opt for a luxury villa in Greece like Artina Villa. Expect the staff’s warm smiles and hands that are ready to help, simple yet genuine touches that will instantly make you feel relaxed and at home. The whole villa is equipped with modern amenities, perfect for a day of staying in and savoring your day off. If you’re up for the adventure, just say the word and the staff will plan for you the most fun and enjoyable excursion.

Feeling romantic and want to surprise a loved one? The in-house chef will prepare you a spread of the most sumptuous dishes for a dreamy dinner date. A calming session of yoga after a tiring day of exploring? Your luxury villa in Zakynthos got you covered. Service on-demand beyond expectations.

Facilities you actually get to use

Unlike hotels where you have to share the facilities, renting a villa in Greece ensures that you won’t have to get in line to use the pool (a heated one at that!) or the tennis court. You’ll have your very own kitchen where you can prepare your own meals complete with a well-stocked pantry. And a bar with dozens of wines and spirits when you feel like having a party or for just a quiet night of winding down.

There’s also a secure playground if you’re tagging kids along, plus video games and indoor entertainment both young and old if you don’t feel like going out. Your luxury villa in Zakynthos is like a home away from home -- just with a jaw-dropping view of the Keri Lake.

Your money well-spent

Going on a holiday means finding ways on how to get value for your money, making sure that your budget is spent well and properly. When it comes to places to stay, renting a villa in Greece is the best option. You get the luxury that you paid for -- as the place delivers its promise of the most comfortable and relaxing escape. If you need to go out, touch base with the locals, and have fun, it’s conveniently near the town center for bars and taverns but nicely tucked in a private location for peace and quiet that you deserve at the end of a long day – best of both worlds with your money’s worth.