Tricks for Designing Perfect Printed T-shirts
Printed T-shirts 

Whether you want printed t-shirts to promote your business, take your branding to the next level, or want to sell them for profit, learning T-shirt design will not go to waste. Yes, you can make colourful, vibrant, calm, and awesome t-shirts to pique customer interest, especially teen boys and girls, who love to look cool wearing them at home, gym, while jogging in the morning, or hanging out in college or restaurants with their friends. The printed t-shirts are easy to design. It would also help you make some good money. If you want branding and advertising, you can print your t-shirts and give them away as freebies to your targeted audience.

Pricing is essential if you want to sell your designed t-shirts. The fabric, the designing process, and the printing all need consideration. According to an article published on, you must consider many aspects while determining the price of printed t-shirts. Read on to learn about the top tips for designing tees.

1. Pick colours smartly

The colour is the first element people notice when wearing a tee. You may choose from complex print illustrations, bold prints, eye-catching graphics, or a fantasy character design when designing t-shirts. Then, all these will come later to a viewer’s eyes, after colour. You can play with black and white, subtle shades, or intense colours. If you know your targeted customers, you can easily decide on the colour palette and start designing your printed tees. Take some time out of your busy schedule and brainstorm about colours. If you want more ideas, you can look up platforms like The Print Bar Perth or similar ones for inspiration.

2. Focus on balance

When designing printed t-shirts, you must focus on composition, which means the perfect balance of artwork, lines, funny fonts, colours, graphics, texts, and so on. When you balance these elements, you can design an eye-catching t-shirt without being too overwhelming. Make sure the t-shirts look manageable, mainly if you target seniors.

Create the designs and prints at the top or middle of the t-shirts. Most designers follow this trend. Moreover, you should pursue the same style. The top or middle pattern is most flattering for an individual wearing the tee. Look up websites, books, and magazines related to t-shirt design ideas for clarification. It will help you design cool tees that are perfect concerning design, print, and composition.

3. Choose your market

Before you start designing printed tees, think about who your audience is. You need to know it to be successful in your efforts. If you are planning for men, include sporty and masculine prints. On the contrary, if you design tees for girls, you can use shades of pink and purple with cursive text and feminine elements. If you are planning for senior males, keep prints, colours, and designs subtle.


Now that you know how to design cool printed t-shirts start showing your creativity. Sell them to your customers for profit or promote your brand for business popularity and reach.