Plagiarism Free:
Plagiarism Free:
You will always want to try and get high-quality links to your site and one of the best ways of maintaining that high standard is to create and publish excellent posts that people want to read and contains original content that hasn’t been copied from somewhere else.

You might want to click here to see how that works when it comes to creating original content, in the meantime, here is a look at what steps you might need to take to ensure that plagiarism is not an issue and the flesh and bones of your article are as fresh and original as possible.

Be realistic

The fundamental point about content writing is that if you are setting out to create a post that is totally unique, you are destined to fail because it’s a virtual impossibility to write something that is 100% original.

Duplicate content is an ongoing issue and you have to be vigilant at all times but the reality of the situation is that there will be an element of duplication and you simply can’t expect to remove every instance of duplication from your web pages.

Google doesn’t actually set out to punish sites that are displaying duplicate content but it does make reasonable attempts to dissuade you from posting articles that bear a striking resemblance to a piece written elsewhere on the web.

There is a difference between research and copying

It is often considered perfectly acceptable to search out some background information and details that you want to refer to when writing a post but the key point here is that you have to read and interpret that content and then work on writing your own take on the subject, in your own words.

Copying large chunks of content is clearly regarded as plagiarism and there are software programs used that trawl through your words to highlight and text or whole sentences that are too similar to the content they have found elsewhere on the web.

Seek inspiration from others and even check facts that you want to include in your post but make sure you transpose these details and observations in a way that can be considered as unique as possible.

Check your work before you publish

Even if you have been very diligent in your efforts to create a piece that is plagiarism-free there are likely to be some issues that need addressing and maybe some more major problems with your content that a search engine like Google will take exception to.

It is much better to run your work through some software like free online plagiarism checker for students beforehand if you can so that you can be more confident that you post will be able to achieve good coverage and won’t be flagged by Google as a duplicate content.

Finally, you might also need to use quotes and paraphrasing if you intend to use the words spoken by someone else and want to credit them in your article.

It is estimated that almost a third of content on the web is duplicate content, so it’s a big issue, but if you take steps to avoid that scenario with your content, it could ensure you achieve good SEO results.