hiring a tent
hiring a tent

When it comes to hiring a tent, there are several companies where you can get quality tents such as Circus tent hire. But before you settle to which one to consider as the best, you will need to consider the following factors.

Wedding Or Party Planner

Hiring an event or wedding planner is the first thing you need to do in order to have an event that is memorable and successful. But you will need to remember that, not all planners are equal. There are several event planners who are good at a particular event as compared to others. You will have to ask around and ensure that the event planner you are getting has extensive knowledge of handling the type of event which you are planning for.

When it comes to the tent, circus tent hires advice the following:

  • You have to do your extensive research before you contact any party tents for sale. They will ask you the type of event which you are planning, the activities that will take place under the tent, the seating style, the area space they will have to work with, the slope or grade of the site of installation, and other items which you might not have anticipated. The good thing is that they will come and inspect the site of the event for no charge or just a little charge. If charged, it will be credited towards your tenting rental in case you go with the service.
  • Don’t make assumptions that the tent will be enough without using a professional. There are professionals who will tell by the type of event, which type of tent you will require. Others will use CAD to draw a sketch of your event so that you can have a picture of how the event will look like before they get the setup on the ground. Don’t forget to take into account the room for your cake tables, head tables, registration area, gift tables, romance area, dance floor area, buffet area, walkways, and anything else that will be included in the space that you are going to set.
  • You shouldn’t forget the details when it comes to the cost of your tenting installation. There are rental companies who leave out installation and delivery charges. There are other companies which charge bad weather charges as well and thus, you have to get all the details right from the beginning before you decide which company you are going to utilize.
  • Most tenting companies prefer to be the ones to install the tents ahead of the event. This is because they have schedules which are busy and especially during weekends. And secondly, this will also work well with you so that, if there is another company which you have contracted to do the chairs and the tables, they will have time to arrange them in the tents. It will also give you a good feeling of the space which you are going to work with, decorate it or reposition items the way you want them to be.